Monday, January 12, 2009

So post one...

I have been secretly blog stalking some other poeples blogs for awhile and said to myself 'when I finally start to embark on some the of the many adventures I plan to have I will start the blog and keep everyone up to date with all the fun and intercultural misshaps i know will happen while I am in Russia, or Thailand, or Argentina, or the moon...etc'

but what exactly what i am waiting for (besides funds, and the balls to do it) there is no reason why I shouldn't just start the blog now in hopes that sooner rather than later it will be a way to communicate with family and friends...say from the moon =)

I got the map and the pushpins from Sara (THANK YOU) and all the lovely places I want to go are very precisely pinned down (aka i rammed it into the cork board) and now the blog to inspire me...soon to get some books on travel and the book for study abroad programs and I am set to start traveling..well at least in my dreams for now =)