Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of the Year Review

I stole this little questionnaire from Miss Summer and you should fill it out too

The Past Year
1. How have you spent your time?
Mari: Working, learning, loving, getting into trouble, being happy and blessed, living up my youth, being free, falling in love

2. What were you grateful for?
Mari: I am grateful for Ross, for my job and my education. Our apartment and the kitties. My mom and my family and that I have an imagination and a capable body that lets me do what I can dream.

3. What were your sorrows and disappointments, and how did they change you?
Mari: not having a license but I moved to Tempe and fell in love so that I feel blessed to have happen. It stinks sometimes how tight money can be or the fact that I have some debt but it's taught me to pay attention to the love and great friends in your life and just make sure you can pay rent and buy food and that buying things other than that won't make you happy. I much rather be poor and living where I live than have money to buy things and not be a quarter as happy as I am now.

4. What books, films, etc., moved you?
Eating Animals, Inception, Ishmael, I can't remember...

Now you!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

If I ever marry

I was never really one to plan out my wedding. Heck half the time I keep thinking about reasons to never get married but when I do plan out things it's always the music. I always think of what would be the perfect song for walking down the isle or a first dance and I think they are the most perfect song for the me I am at that most perfect moment. Of course things change but right now I would love to start dancing the night away with Queen's The Millionaire Waltz.
You can read about how much I love Queen here.

I think the song is TOTALLy appropriate and after years of playing in orchestra and listening to good old rock and roll what is better than a rock waltz? and puhh-leaze there is nothing dreamier than Freddie on the piano (excpet maybe Ross on the guitar)

Imagine us like this + Queen

Happy Monday Folks!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday I'm In Love: The List

My Birthday and Christmas are exactly one week apart. I'm usually not that much into getting presents and would much rather have people come and enjoy themselves sans gift or give that money to a good cause I am making a list of gifts that would be nice. Wait? I thought you JUST said you didn't like gifts?? That's right I'd be fine without them BUT I really want to get Ross something nice for Christmas and this is me posting this list hoping it will inspire him to post a list for me so that I can have some sort of idea where to go for his gift.
(I ask him now what he wants for Christmas and all he says is "You") =)

Any who these are all items I was looking to grab for myself at some point or another so here they are.

#1 Cross-body Bag
I'm hoping this will make riding a bike and life easier not having to balance a bag on my shoulder and instead have it secured with a strap across my body.

#2 Anything Hello Kitty
These bags aren't cross body but they are Hello Kitty!

#3 Hello Kitty Sweater
I've been on the lookout for a Hello Kitty sweater for weeks now and I just can't find anything cute like this =/

#4 Yarn
I just realized that there was a yarn store around the corner and they have the most incredible selection of fancy yarns there. I would love to take a class there or try out some of their neat wool blends. If I also was gifted any yarn I would be a happy camper.

#5 My Charger or New Camera
We can't find the charger to my little black friday deal of a Nikon from last year so right now the only camera I have is my phone. I would love to be able to just get a charger and keep my camera that still looks fantastic but one day (my savings are still nowhere close right now) I would love to have a beautiful Nikon D70 =) (or any fancy camera)

#6 Disneyland
Now I'm not asking for a trip to Disneyland (though that would be amazing) I'm down with someone to go with me! The last time I went was almost four years ago and I've been dying to put on my Mickey ears and go have a blast.

What is on your wishlist for Christmas?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Day We Went Hiking

I'm behind on like 3 papers and have a project to work on and all I want to do is lie in bed and suck my thumb.

On Veterans day we went hiking

and going down into South Mountain was way fun

and we found rangers who took us off the trail and showed us drawings done on the mountain walls by the Hohokams from about 1400 B.C. which was really fun

and then we had to go up the mountain to go back to our car

and that was not fun at all (read: I whined and had to stop- a lot)

but I conned Ross into getting Chipotle after and thus the world was okay again.

Now I'm off to try and get this shizz done.
Senioritis why are you bitting me in the behind??

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Well Wishes

My family has never done Christmas cards or holiday family pictures.
We've never gone caroling or made gingerbread houses.
Growing up we hung up stocking but our shoes would be the ones getting filled up on Three Kings day way after Christmas (think January 6th)

So when I stumped upon the famed dollar section at Michael's and found the most adorable Christmas cards I knew I would have to find more people to send them to other than my family.

So I want to send them to you.

If you are sad at the thought of holiday e-cards and not part of a big community of holiday card senders and want a card sent to you then this is the thing for you.
Even if you do send and receive a bunch of holiday cards and want one more this is perfect for you too.

All you have to do is send an email with your address to
Marisela (dot) Cabrera (dot) 2011 (at) gmail (dot) com

and you'll get an email from me back with my address in case you want to spread the love and send a card back.

I think the holidays are a great time to reach out and get to know people better and make some real connections even if it's just through a thoughtful holiday card.

Also if you like the idea and want to do this yourself fell free to take this picture and the button I have on the side (I'm gonna be lazy and make you copy and paste it off my blog) and write your own post.

If you write a post make sure come back and link it up so I can participate too.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Grand Opening!

What I've always wanted to do I've done.
I finally got my courage and strength up to work my nimble fingers and opened up

"Cat and Mouse- crochet by Mari"
I am sooo excited for this new adventure. I want to thank the best blog friends a girl could have, who a year ago told me that my stuff was good enough to sell and gave me confidence to keep crocheting and making new things.

The store has a couple designs and well loved hats but expect to see more and more pop up everyday. I just couldn't wait any longer to open up shop since I was too excited!

The lovely Miss Rasha Marie is being so kind to host a giveaway for me
So stop on over at her blog to ch-ch-check it out.

Peace on love to all on this sunny Friday =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growing Pains

Yesterday was just a bad day.
I've always been a really positive person or someone with an extra amount of resilience and I don't see there being any time for moping when you are looking to the future for opportunity.

Yesterday it got to me and it was just a bad day.
My camera died. No big problem, right? Not really until we couldn't find the charger anywhere
Ross might have left it the hotel well he was last on vacation
I was taking pictures of all the items that are going to be the opening line of my shop so that really bummed me out.

Then I slammed my thumb in the car door on my way to work and not only did it make me cry then, it throbbed all day and kept me from sleeping.
I'm sure the nail is gonna fall off and that puts my total nail count down to 18. damn.

Then work was sloooooow and filled with some difficult costumers,

but the cherry on top was an argument with Ross.
Yes I just posted about how happy I am but this was one of those arguments that I like to think of as a growing pain. You know when you have to tear down a wall to build a bigger room or when you were a kid and your legs would ache all summer but that was the year you grew three inches?? Those are growing pains and this argument was one of those that you have to take three steps back to take two forward, then another step back and then at the end three steps forward.

It was draining, and there was crying and pain and hurt going on but that's reality.

You love someone, you grow, you love, you have some growing pains, you love and you grow some more.

I almost wasn't going to post about it but I don't want to make it look like life is 100% amazing all the time- it isn't and I'm almost a little weary of blogs that are super positive all the time every post. My blog friends are like blog family and this is something I want to be genuine and that means telling you about the love, and the cute boots, and fun crafts but it also means posting about stress from school, relationship woes and tifs with friends.

Thank you for letting me be able to post about all this though- I've "met" the most amazing people here

On another note I do believe we may have found a substitute camera to take pictures with so I'm hoping tomorrow may be the day when I finally open up shop!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something's Coming

have you ever heard the song from West Side Story "Something's Coming"?

"Who knows?
It's only just out of reach,
Down the block, on a beach,
Under a tree.
I got a feeling there's a miracle due,
Gonna come true,
Coming to me!"

"Could it be? Yes, it could.
Something's coming, something good,
If I can wait!
Something's coming, I don't know what it is,
But it is
Gonna be great!"

This one song is in near the beginning of the movie and it always fill up my chest, no my heart up with joy and hope. November has always been my favorite month because in arizona things get just a little bit quieter. The gets the sudden chill in it and you can feel an electricity around you. What can it be? For some it's the approaching holidays, others it's the end school coming up on the horizon and for me it's the feeling of hope.

wishes, fairy dust, love, and magic make up that electricity for me.

It always happens in November when that sudden chill hits.


I saw a butterfly today and fly right around me while I was riding on my bike.
It was telling me to be hopeful- that one day everyone will go to sleep with food in their bellies, people will celebrate marriages of love and we'll be saluting a Madam President and that for it all to happen we can't stop fighting.

Fighting for hope.

This post is for me folks, so if it doesn't make sense that's why. It's for me and the butterfly.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mushy Gushy

I grew up thinking love was a fallacy.
Love was something that was made up like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, or Daylight savings time just to waste my time.
"I wasn't going to do that fake stuff called love because I was going to go to school and be smart one day" I thought

Yet here we are, me and Ross, (living together in sin and so much in love) and I was proven the fool.

The things I've learned about love
by Marisela C.

I didn't know that love meant you would take care of me. You take care of the dishes and the shampoo, and my bike.

I didn't know that love would be so funny and that we would stay up until 3 am watching cat videos and you telling me stories about when you were a kid.

I didn't know love would mean you would by me booze!
no- I didn't know love would mean you would make sure I had fun for once.

I didn't know love meant you were it it. Even when being in it means biking home in the rain at two am with a broken flip flop. I didn't know that love would mean you trying to save my flip flop and I probably shouldn't have thrown it away.

If you have been following for awhile- then you've been able to see this all happen and thank goodness for that because then I have other people to ask and make sure that this is real- that I'm not dreaming and that it's all really happened.

if not- you can see it happen from

Hey Ross- I love you.

Kitty Connection

If you have read my little 'ol blog for a bit you or know me in real life you may have followed my relationship with the kitties from one one ambivalent anxiousness to love and undying devotion.

If not you can see me mention them here, here, and another very important kitty here.

Even though I started not totally okay with the kittties and their hair covering every square inch of the apartment or the fact that they poop in a box under our stairs, I liked them. Liked turned to appreciated and appreciation turned to care which then turned to love. Now I pick them up while they cry for Ross to come save them while I rock them around calling them "kitty baby". (I do this about one to three times per day, give or take)

They are my fur babies and I am their step/foster people momma. So I snap pictures of them and tell people about the cute (read: annoying) stuff they do. I already had the yarn so I guess Ross was just a blessing in disguise delivering me the kitties.

Because I love them so much and I have like four papers to write, three chapters to read and 30 some pages in a reader, and grad school applications to worry about (read: having to cancel our much anticipated morning hike) I decided to show you all pictures of the kittie babies doing the cutest shit ever-

F**ing Adorable!
I find him like this and want to cuddle him till his bits pop out he is so cute (Ross one time called me Elmira Duff and I just about squeezed him too)

Grey likes my pillow ♥

"Wow! Twin cats!"
-direct quote from Hungry Howies delivery boy one night.

I l♥ve them

Discussion Questions for comments:
What are you most looking forward to this week?

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I live in AZ so I know it is not practical for me to even think about boots let alone love the, want them, covet them or own the and wear 'em when it's 89 degrees outside.

The reason I have them is because I started a new job when school started at The Shoe Mill here in Tempe that does tons of super comfy really cute shoes. So not only are these boots made with exquisite materials but they are most importantly comfortable.

I have a possible chance coming up to travel to New York in February for an educational opportunity. While I'm super excited about this possibility and fretting about the application and pulling together the money I'm most of al scared of the weather. This AZ girl has only seen snow twice but hopefully I can get into the practicum and wear these luscious boots in NYC!

From Pikilino

I absolutely love them and hopefully I can stomp around NYC in them.

From UGG

I have these cute guys on route to my closet and it will be my first pair of UGGs! I'm excited for the comfiness but not for the stereotypes that come with UGGs.

If I go to NYC I will probably need to get some other boots (maybe fancy black?) does anyone have a pair they just love?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Shop

Isn't open, or even ready.
School and work- I blame you.


I have this feeling that I just need to crochet and get this feeling out of me and I cannot wait until you can see what this feeling is like- what it makes me come up with and crochet.

grr...Lets set the goal for Thanksgiving to be able to do a soft opening of some stuff...
I hope you all like it

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Photo Recap

After watching the election outcomes here in Arizona- I have no words
So I posted a bunch of pictures for you to look at from happier times.