Monday, May 10, 2010

Killed It!

Me and Ross were going to go out Saturday Night (he has been planning this secret project, but alas the stars were not aligned so we nixed the idea) but we stayed in and had an epic night in instead.

We both love Betty White (honestly who doesn't) and she seriously killed it on SNL.
We started the night with some take-out sushi
a couple of bottles of wine
watched Dr. Strangelove (that movie is hilarious! We were cracking up so hard)
and then seeing this lovely lady along with a gripload of former SNL cast members on SNL's Mother's Day show.

Sadly though I don't quite remember the whole episode. I think we may have had too much wine and we both might have had a night like this...

at least I wasn't the only one this time.

Here is to my last day of finals and getting everything finished up today! Here is also to tylenol and bottles of water and sliced guys saved my bum yesterday!
Happy Monday!


bananas. said...

oh lady you did more than i did this weekend so be proud! and that betty white episode was the bomb! 88 years old and she still has it. love it!

Rasha said...

Thats a bummer you didnt get to go out, i know how excited you were... but glad the night in was good, thats gross about puking, SLOW DOWN GIRL your crazy... hope you guys brushed your tetth hahahahahahaha.

Betty is hilariousss.

Lucky girl about finishing today, I have till Wednesday.

Kara said...

Bahahaha I love your drinking posts. They make me feel better about my own drunken shenanigans. That SNL was HILARIOUS.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Sounds like a fun date (minus the puking) ahah. I didn't watch the Betty White episode but it was like on every damn headline today - I should hulu it, amazing she did so well. Your night sounds really fun, I'm jealous!

{eleise} said...

O man...I hope you feel better!

LOVED Betty! So funny!

emma said...

i agree-betty white killed!!!! so cute!