Friday, May 14, 2010

Chit Chat

Is it alright if we can just cuddle up and chat for a bit? It is seriously my favorite thing to do. Grabbing coffee with a good friend or bugging my mom while she is watching her telenovelas and snuggling with Ross, him making me laugh, make my days so bright and happy.
There has been so much going on lately that I haven't had to blog or do other activities that are on my dod to list. But don't ever feel like you're just running to catch up all the time? My room is a mess and my mind is just as cluttered and I just want to chit chat with you all about something things on my mind.

On School- My focus was so off this semester and it showed in how ehh my grades were. I'm just so apathetic to it all and it feels wrong since my one dream in life has been to go to college but boy oh boy is it all getting old fast. I went to my best friend's graduation ceremony last night (Congrats Sara on your Bachelors of Science in Design Studies, Design Management!!) and it helped to put everything into perspective. I'm feeling that want to learn more and study and do the whole college thing and that makes me quite excited for next semester and for getting my shizz together to graduate in the next year!

On Moving- Yep I tweeted about it the other day but I am moving from my parents house out to another place a little closer to town and Tempe and ASU. My parents made an investment on a little mobile home (which looks more home than mobile so that works) and I'm moving in with my brother and maybe sister to take care of the bills and fix up the place. I am excited to get to paint and decorator but I already started with the closet (it had wood paneling! I though I was gonna die!) and after 4 coats of paint and still not anywhere close to being done I'm already feeling that I've bitten off more than I can chew. I haven't even started packing or cleaning so that adds more stress but I am excited to finally be moving my bed and desks and for the first time officially moving out of my parents house 100% (this means ALL my stuff and furniture) I'm excited for that change and taking another step to really growing up.

On Working Out- Since classes ended so has my regular workout schedule =( I;m not eating that well and trying to fit in workouts when I can but I can already feel the effects of not working out all the time! I'm tired and sluggish but I am really hoping when I get moved in and ready to go I can dive head first into working out and cooking and planning out meals and all in all a healthier lifestyle.

On Ross- Wow. I fell like the luckiest girl in the world. Luckiest girl in the world or lottery winner...both? yeah I feel like both having an awesome hair day and feelings skinny...that's how good I feel. I would get all mushy gushy but Ross has seen the blog! I know and if that's not bad enough we're following each other on twitter now so my plan B of escaping to tweet abou all the mushy gushy I can't contain is a no-go.

On Cats- Hello Ross' kitties! However much I was totally not a cat person before I can't help but love your furry little butts! The way you two meow or the cute little faces you make just makes my cute-o-meter go off the charts! Even if you two started picking me flowers, no amount of cuteness would make up for you two pooping in a box and then walking around all up in it. EWE.

What do you wanna chit-chat about?


Rasha said...

Glad that the graduation made you wanna graduate doing well!

excited about your new place :) and ross being aweosme, and well i love cats, but eww they do stink!

Kara said...

That was some damn good chit chat! You're moving out?! Congrats! That was a big freaking deal for me. Also, my working out schedule has sucked lately too - I'm gonna blame it on finals and such. That works, right?

So glad your bf is making you HAPPY HAPPY :) Mine does the same.

P.S. Cats are still gross, even cute ones like Ross'. :)

justinee said...

OK!!! that picture of that cat melts my heart!

{eleise} said... the cat! =)

did you ever get any of my emails? it's been awhile since I have heard from you & I super duper over the moon excited that I won! I can't wait to pick out my shoes! =)

Please let me know what you need from me!

Erin said...

Just read your above post.
Hope you are ok!!!