Thursday, July 29, 2010

You've got a hold on me

I spent a beautiful Tuesday with Miss Rasha and took some pictures that I will blog about
I went and figured out school stuff so I was going to write about that
Or how I have a sewing room now!
The day I made it home with four shopping bags on my bike was something I wanted to mention too
Arizona and SB1070 have been on my mind alot and I never did post about it but I've wanted to

It's because you've got a hold on me...

"I don't want you
But I need you
Don't want to kiss you
But I need to
Oh, oh, oh
You do me wrong now
My love is strong now,
You've really got a hold on me
You've really got a hold on me, baby."

I love being here in Tempe so much. It feels like I'm alive again.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I officially have moved in with Ross and now I am living, once again, in beautiful Tempe

Everything is still new and I sorta feel like I am just visiting and it hasn't at all hit me that in a couple days I'm gonna NOT gonna pack up my weekend bag and go back home...
I am home.

We are both adjusting and getting used to sharing space and organizing and compromising with how we manage everything

I brought too much stuff and that sorta wigged Ross out...but honestly I don't need that many springform pans so I started a "going back" box to help out

oi. I really, really excited to be living in Tempe, so close to school and with Ross

it's gonna take some work and getting used to and we will have bad days

and we will have really good ones too =)

I hope everything with you is dandy =)
I'm super pumped to start the Home Ec sewing class and I need to get out and about and start searching for fabrics. I'm dreading unpacking everything and finding a place for my stuff but right now I'm gonna concentrate on snuggling and trying to wake up Ross before noon =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what I do at 4 am

I fell asleep at 8 to avoid my nuisance of a nephew in his rampage through the house but then ended up waking up bright eyed at the lovely hour of 4. While browsing the blogosphere and trying to scratch my shopping itch I kept thinking about how when I move I can't bear to leave my sewing machine behind and how it will be coming with my on the first round of moving things.
I found this and that lunch box is such a cute idea to store embroidery stuff and yarn!

Ok back to the 4am rant. I came across this Home Ec class and sorta spur of the moment signed up for it! I am soo beyond excited because I've had my sewing machine for awhile and beside the little projects I have done here and there I haven't done much on it yet.
I'm self taught and with school and work to juggle there is not much time left there so I can teach myself but this was an awesome way to really dive into sewing and get alot the basics out of the way so I can move onto more fun and exciting things like making clothes!
Hopefully school and work won't get too hectic and I'm banking on this class finishing pretty early on in the semester and for Ross to give me space to sew my heart out but again I am really excited and looking forward to the class.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A wedding

My good friend Austin from High school got married to his wonderful husband Todd recently. They went off a couple of weeks ago to legally get married and had a reception on July 10th in Arizona. I being of the cake making kind and Austin being of the poor college student figured out a plan so I could do their cake for them! I was soooo excited and nervous and technically it's fake cake (only the top tier is actually cake with the rest being Styrofoam) but it was honestly the happiest I've been making a cake knowing I was doing it for true love and such a sweet cute couple.

This is me, Austin, and my good friend Ashley

This is a short update for now as I'm going to be utilizing all my spare time by packing because I'm moving to Tempe NEXT WEEKEND/WEEK!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Kitty (see also: time for an intervention?)

It all started with a debit card...
Bank of America won me over while opening an account and I HAD to have this debit card. I should have seen this all coming before.

Afterward I found this cute little avatar for my steam account and just thought it was cute and innocent!

via my camera phone
Then I found these adorable key cover at F21 and had to have it to make a special key (Ross' apartment) stand out. I thought I had a hold on this, okay?

Then while browsing weheartit I found this super cute nail art with Hello Kitty and I needed to do this too...

via my camera phone
This is my version that I quickly snapped a picture of and sent to Ross so someone could appreciate it with me

via my camera phone
This is how my nails are decorated as I'm typing this.
Okay, I really like Hello Kitty.
I get it. It's not that bad.
I swear

I had to have the Hello Kitty band aids to make me feel better when I got a boo-boo.

I found post its at the dollar section at Target...How could I not??
Ross says I have a problem. He thinks I need some help. I tell him to just deal and hand him another beer to forget his Hello Kitty woes.
I forget my Hello Kitty woes with these.

I just would like a couple more things! Like this coffee mug would make my mornings so much brighter.

and if I have the coffee cup I need to have the toaster to make Hello Kitty toast to go with it right?

I've already got my heart set on a Hello kitty themed 21st where I make a huge Hello Kitty masterpiece of a cake. Hey I was thinking maybe I can go as Hello Kitty for Halloween

See it's not that bad! Not a problem at all.

Except I saw this car down the freeway the other day with this huge white, gorgeous decal of Hello Kitty on the back and I think nothing would look so beautiful on my window too.
When I told this to Ross he just gave me a look of pity. (???)
yeah umm Hello? it should be a look of envy since I'd have one huge bitchin' decal.

Maybe we can do something on Ross' terms? Ross is uh-mazing at guitar and we could totally rock out together if I just had a guitar like this.

It's just a few things okay? I just want what I want, okay?

Now really it's not like my room looks like this okay?

but by golly would I would be a happy camper if my house looked like this.
Complete with Hello Kitty kitchen? white granite countertops, pink cabinets, pink appliances, complete package with a custom Kitchen-aid pink mixer with Hello Kitty painting.

Okay Ross! I get it. I need help. I get it...

but I'm thinking maybe we can compromise if I get some Hello Kitty gear like this?
I'm pretty sure those would go over well with him =)

What is your current obsession? maybe we can get a discount on therapy if we do it in a group

I wish they all could be CaliforniaArizona girls.

"The west coast has the sunshine
And the girls all get so tanned"

"I dig a French bikini on Hawaii Island
Dolls by a palm tree in the sand"

"I wish they all could be California Arizona girls
I wish they all could be California Arizona girls"

"I been all around this great big world
And I seen all kind of girls"

"Yeah, but I couldn't wait to get back to the states
Back to the cutest girls in the world"

"I wish they all could be California Arizona girls
I wish they all could be California Arizona girls"

"California Girls" by The Beach Boys

and a grill picture because yes we were that drunk on the 4th of July =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Week

I spent one full week (a staycation) if you will with my dear sweet boy Ross. Since I will be moving in by the end of the month I needed him to get a nice big taste of what it would feel like to be together 24/7. If he is gonna freak out on me and what moving in together could mean I would rather it happen before it's too late and we hate each other or something. Thankfully we both really enjoyed each other's company and he only adds to my happiness and boosts my quality of life and I hope I do the same for him. I can't wait for the next two weeks to pass so I can go play house with the most amazing guy I know.

Here is a couple pictures I had to snap so I could post them here to remind myself how sweet that week together was.

I'll be the first to say that I've never been a cat person (or a pets who shed hair all over my nice black pencil skirt person) but boy oh boy do I love these kitties. Ross asked me today if I was gonna be okay living with the cats and all I could think was "of course! They're the fur babies!" I did think to ask him if he could keep him from pooping anymore but I think that was pushing it.

Ross is a hard body now and when I hadn't seen him in two weeks and go over there to find he has joined a gym, is doing weight training, and downing protein shakes, I yelled out in anguish "You're not gonna have a neck anymore!". After I realized that no neck Ross was gonna be without a neck because he would be rippling with muscles I figured it would be better to jump the band wagon and spend my week there to eat healthier and join him in the gym. So here's my yogurt and fruit snacks I made for us which totally made me feel better after the terrible things Ross made me do at the gym.

The same day as our epic bike ride through Tempe we biked to Sake Bombers (we're terrible vegetarians) and feasted on some uh-mazing sushi.

I'm pretty good on not eating any meat but the one and only exception from being vegetarian would be our beloved sushi! I can't say no to something that makes Ross this happy.

Like any good staycation should end we spent our last day together finishing season two of True Blood. I fell in love and have read all the books and then begged Ross to watch the show with me. Him being the sweet guy he is said of course and lo and behold he LOVED the show. Our favorite character is Eric and the whole Jessica/Hoyt romance just warms my heart.

That was my little week and here I'll be patiently waiting until I can spend all my weeks over in Tempe with Ross ♥

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Adventure

On Friday Ross played hooky and instead of going to work we decided to have an adventure on our bikes in Tempe.

We found a movie theatre that used to be a Harkins on Mill Ave. Now it shows more indie films and I snapped this picture in the middle of begging Ross to go see the bollywood movie "I Hate Luv Stories" with me. We set a date for another time.

Have I fallen in love with fun and whimsical bike racks??
Oh yes, yes I have.

We stumbled upon a giant rabbit habitat with water fountains for kids.

Ross very quickly overpowered this giant bunny and became king (?)

I counldn't help from being a little kid and hopping into the water...

and about 30 seconds after this picture was taken I slipped and almost fell and Ross gave me a semi-dirty look so I quickly hopped out and onto dry land.

We eventually made it all the way to Tempe Town Lake and found a little boat dock to sit on.

Ross sat there gazing into the sunset looking dashingly handsome.

I rested my tired feetsies in the lake.

This was the first of our bike riding adventures in Tempe but definitely won't be our last! I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th and not to shabby day back to work.