Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have Ricotta Cheese in my Backpack...Right NOW.

I'm sitting in class waiting for my 3 hour class from hell to begin and I being to think about the fact that I have a large tub of ricotta cheese chilling in my backpack. I have it there because I'm making these lasagna roll-ups for that special someone tonight and I had a huge break in between classes so I went to the store and got all the ingredients then. I figured that we'll be starting this evening sort of on the late side and I have to cook everything so I don't want to make the time we get together tonight any shorter by factoring in a shopping trip after class into that. It's sort of warm outside and it got really hot in my car so I figured I would save the ricotta by keeping it with me for the next 3 hours. The cookies I baked last night can stay in there along with my three pairs of shoes, blanket, four-five outfits, work clothes, make-up, pj's, toilet paper, and yarn.

Yeah I sorta live out of my car right now.

It wasn't always like this. Today instead of freaking out over making it to school on time after I woke up way late, I freaked out about not getting to blow dry my hair. Yeah I did my make-up in my car during that huge brake today and the hair makes me look homeless. Any other day I wouldn't have cared how I look. My car wouldn't be a war zone and I wouldn't be buying a second toothbrush thats purpose isn't to come home and stay with me. It's gonna stay with him...

I had to really stop myself from buying this one. I really wanted to match my new Hello Kitty debit card. Damn that B of A and their enticing ways.

Is this normal? Have you felt like this before? planing, re-planning and re-arranging and strategizing for time? I live about 40 min from ASU (Tempe), about 1.5 hours from ASU (West), 20 mins from Work Store 1, 25 mins from Work Store 2, and 50 mins from Work Store 3 adn so I an micromanaging my time to get the most time I can...for him.

please tell me you have done this before. I'm not the only one. I think we are just both smitten. Completely smitten. I may live out of car, not sleep regular hours, and see more of the freeway than my own room but I'm deliriously happy.

Taken about 15 mins ago in class.

ps. I am soo done if he ever sees this blog. Die of embarrassment?? Oh yeah, you betcha.

pps. Maybe I won't of embarrassment after all after all the stupid, spazy stuff I have done in front of him already. That requires a full post on it's own.


Eden said...

you are too funny, girl!
xoxo Eden

justinee said...

1. You are not alone, I have done it :)
2. Your hair looks great!!

brittany said...

i can remember riding on the pegs of tyler's bike from my dorm room to his apartment at 1 a.m. my freshman yeah, i think we've all done something similar.

beautiful pic of you lady. enjoy the butterflies :)

Rasha said...

We've all done it.. being smitten is the beesst!

and Im going to show him your blog JUST kidding that would be mean and I would never do that., but I think he would love it.

Im so happy you're in love, now we can be all sappy together, and you no longer look at me weird.

Kara said...

Oh man, you are hilarious. We do crazy things for men, don't we? Besides, I love bedhead anyway - looks cute on you :)

bananas. said...

aww you're feeling the butterflies. you love and hate it at the same time :)

love the hair. you look great!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

hahah so funny- geez, you are so far away from everything you need to be at! I can see why you're stressed!!! Well, it may be hard to "live out of your car" but this exciting time where you would be willing to do that because you like someone so much is some of the best... and needs to be savored~!!! I mainly just love that you look so pretty in your picture and little do people know in your backpack is a tub of ricotta :)

Petite Exploratrice said...

Here you look a bit like Kat Von D! Am I right? :P