Monday, March 22, 2010


It is the Monday after Spring Break and I need to keep my sanity if I'm going to make it until summer break.
How do I stay sane??

No...Not that one. Though I did see this movie in 3D this weekend and that was pretty fun.

Nope. Not this one either.. Her crown in pretty but I'm not down for the fur.

This one's not it either. Bt as a kiddie I always thought she had the best make-up of all the Disney villains.

While Kirsten looks awesome in this movie she still is not the Queen that keeps me sane..

This Queen is

Why hello Freddie Mercury! Why yes I do adore you

and your glittery outfits

and when we sing together in the car, bathroom, while cooking, etc.

Thanks guys for helping me through all the ups and downs there are. For every time I needed you there's been a song that I feel has been written just for me.

I can't say what Queen song is my absolute favorite just yet but right now I am in love with their album A Night at the Opera and I'll be there Sweet Lady any day because Queen is the Love of My Life and I wish me and Freddie could go on a Seaside Rendezvous where I would tell him "You're My Best Friend" and together we would just be Good Company sitting there Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.

What's your favorite Queen song??


Rasha said...

Grr! I dont think My comment posted, I am angry.

Rasha said...

Toooo funny... I loved Alice :)

and well, hmmm I like a lot of them, but if you are into them, ask natt, he really likes them

and jUST six weeks left! helll yes.

Melina said...

I am so damn happy to have found this illustrious site!!!!
Indeed their love & respect for each other, hard work, imagination and charisma had lots to do with their success. Plus Queen never did repeat themselves or copy anyone else. Freddie, Roger, John and Brian took chances and thank God they did. Lastly is there anyone that doesn't enjoy listening to Freddie being interviewed?

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Oooo good question!!!! I love this post because I would never think to highlight them in this way and they're so deserving of it. Of course I love bohemian rhapsody but I also like Bicycle and yes- you're my best friend. So cute!

bananas. said...

Awwww i lovee queen! They had some amazing hits. Bohemian rhapsody is still one of my ultimate favorites.

Gabby said...

Love this! I LOVE Queen. Love of My Life is such a beautiful song.