Friday, March 5, 2010

Picnic Time

I live in sunny Arizona and March is pretty much the most magical time of year here. Saturday is forecasted to be a lovely 76 degrees and I'm making the most of how glorious it is outside right now, before it becomes deathly hot and miserable and I then voice my fears about melting.

How am I making the most of my time?? by going on a picnic of course!

Now I need your help! This isn't just any old picnic, this is a a perfect Saturday afternoon picnic with a certain special gentlemen. Since I'm planning this picnic I want it to measure up to how amazing this picnic was.

You can help by answering some questions and giving some good advice!
please and thank you

I'm planning on making


Hummus (?) with baguette bread slices
something else

Main Meal


What do you think of the working menu?
Any meat-free appetizer suggestions?
Any wine suggestions?? something good and inexpensive
Will it be too girly to wear a summer/springy dress?
Any picnic tips and tricks to share??

Thanks so much bloggy loves... hope you all have a wonderful weekend =)


Rasha said...

first things first:

I think a spring dress is required. thats how I picture picnics.


Wine: but I dont know what kind.

Hummus (?) with baguette bread slices - SOUND PERFECT

Main Meal
Pasta with Eggplant and Mozzarella

Oatmeal Cherry White Chocolate Chip Cookies - I love oatmeal.

Sounds like fun. Let me know the details and let me know how it turns out!

bananas. said...

Awww...a picnic? Thats so cute! Sadly, i'm no help but i think your menu sounds superb. Hummus is my fav-o! Have fun!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Such a cute idea!!! I always like a good greek salad... super easy, fresh and healthy (and can be meat free): and also apples with cheese are a great snack too!!! Cute idea!

Elie's Papel said...

Drink: some fresh juice. appetizers: anything from the middles east market besides hummus. Main meal: pasta salad from a place like whole foods. desert: cookies! have a nice one!

sarah ann said...

Oh how I love sweet Arizona. The sunsets are gourgeous and I enjoy seeing them mostly every night. I hope you had a wonderful picnic! Today was very good weather, not too hot...yet. Your blog is adroable.

Sarah Ann

maria said...

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Natalie said...

I love love love picnics. I don't drink wine, so I'd go with water. Pellegrino is my h2o of choice.

Then dessert I'd go for chocolate covered strawberries to be quite frank..

And I mean, it's really all about sparkling water and chocolate-dipped fruit. In my world, at least. One-course meals for me..always dessert. Tsk tsk on me, I know.


brittany said...

eeeek how'd it go???