Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seeing Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!
I am sooo ridiculously excited to be celebrating my first real St. Patrick's Day this year. How am I gonna pretending in Irish? By seeing The Bollox, Metric, and Flogging Molly tonight and drinking as much green beer as I can!

Now I can't go out not wearing green and after looking around I noticed I didn't have the right green shirt to wear for tonight so I picked up this shirt in the boys section at Wal-Mart for $4 and made a proper uniform for my green beer drinking ways. =)

Lay your shirt out flat

cut off the arms from the shirts on the inside of the seam

you will then cut off the collar at the straight line just under collar of the shirt

this is how your shirt will look without sleeves (we're aiming for Red Neck at this point)

I had some funky edges from the bottom of the arm hole

so go ahead and cut that out and even things up a bit. If the shirt fits really big this is were you would cut off more from the sides and pin it and re-sew the shirt to fit you

turn your shirt inside out and pin sides together to sew

sew the sides making sure to backstitch at the start and end

for the top I just folded the shirt over (while inside out) and sewed it for a finished look

This is the finished product!

and the full outfit for tonight (sans green beads and hair clip)

I sort of really love Arizona for being able to get away with wearing a tube top and jean skirt mid -March...but give us 8 weeks until we are melting =(

Hope you all have a fabulous night. I'll be out enjoy my first pint of green beer!

ps- I'll be back later today for What to Eat Wednesday!


Rasha said...

ps. you look great in that last picture. the diet and work out are showing off!

Rasha said...

Frigging love your outfit!!! I used to do that to ASU game day shirts, it was fun!! im jealous i want a shirt, make me one and bring it over, K?! hahaha.

Love you. have fun tonight

Miss Caitlin S. said...

So cute!! You are skinny mini! I Love the tube. And you are seeing flogging molly tonight??? SOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS.

justinee said...

Oh man! So cute!!
I'm irish and I don't even have an irish shirt!

Gabby said...

I am super impressed, lady! You look great! Flogging Molly is so fun, I'm jealous :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

HI! I LOVE THIS! You have a sewing machine. omg. i am jealous.

ps - you are a hottie.

Kara said...

Cuuuuute!! What a fab outfit!

brittany said...

eeek so jealous you got to see FM on St patty's day!!!! hope you had a blast.

and um hello skinny minnie! you are hot stuff!

the weather her was amaaaaazing yesterday...75 and breezy PERFECT. but yeah, soon enough it will be 105 and i will be dying.