Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Eating Meat

It's been over a week since I last ate any meat.
I'll be honest I never thought that I would become a vegetarian and even now I can't see myself as one. I'm more like a person who is not eating meat from factory farms. Yes even the organic, natural, hormone free stuff comes from factory farms (about 99% of poultry in grocery stores is from factory farms) and really isn't so nice and pleasant when you get down to the facts. That leaves me a whole whopping 1% of chicken to eat that isn't factory farmed that I haven't found that makes me vegetarian.

I love to cook, and I honestly could, would, eat chicken for every meal, every day. I still miss it sometimes and crave it but reading Eating Animals has really changed what I choose to put in my body. The entire time I was reading I just kept thinking to myself "I never knew" and now that I know I can't go on putting that unnatural and unhealthy stuff into my body anymore. I'm getting flack for it from my parents though and that makes things a little difficult..It's very much that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where they find out that "he don't eat no meat??" and instead invite the soon to be husband over for lamb because he is vegetarian. They don't understand why I'm not eating meat anymore, so while they keep pushing roasted chicken, chicken tenders, and chicken breast at me I just want to try give them the facts on what is in all this meat so they can know and decide.

I'm still a firm believer in the Lion King "circle of life" logic. The part where Mufasa is telling Simba that they eat the gazelles but one day they will die and become grass and then the gazelles will eat them. I'm still true to that logic but no where in that circle is there a huge farm that is mistreating animals, or injection hormones and antibiotics into them to get them big and keep em alive until they slaughter them.

This interview with the author of the book, Jonathon Safron Foer, on the Ellen show does a really good job of opening the conversation of where our meat really comes from and what changes we can make to be more conscious consumers and eaters.

In trying to spread awareness and give some support to those who maybe want to switch up their dietary habits a bit. I will be utilizing this here blog on Wednesday's to post some meat-free recipes, vegetarian friendly sites and alternatives as well as document my change from a total meat eater and lover to a vegetarian/factory farmed meat-free girl.

If anything please look into the issue of factory farmed meat and decide for yourself. I was a very curious child growing up and wanted to know all the facts and opinions about any given topic before deciding where I stood and I still feel the same today and after learning all this new information I want to share the resources with all of you so you can go out and get informed and decide for yourself.

My goal is to live a long and healthy life and I'd love for you all to do that too.

Happy Wednesday Folks!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I now have to go read that book!
It seems that there is a lot I don't know!

Kara said...

Whew. The no-meat thing is a rough topic for me. Overall, I love vegetarian and vegan food and I eat both a lot. There are many days that I don't eat meat at all. I still eat meat though, and I'm not too particular about where it comes from or whether or not the meat has hormones or has been grass fed, etc, etc. In my opinion, of course it's shitty how they treat the animals and it's awful what horrible things they do to a lot of the meat we eat. But there are two things I wonder about: A) just because *I* stop eating that sort of meat, does it mean the animals will get treated any better? No. The public will always produce a demand for slaughterhouses, whether or not the PETA believers have boycotts. B) I eat things in moderation, so is it *really* that awful for me if I eat a steak once every six months? I don't think so, but that's just my view.

Then again, I'm not a McDonald's or Taco Bell eater. I don't buy in to the shitty fast food biz and I buy things as fresh and healthy as possible. I just don't think the bad parts of the meat industry will ever be avoided - and you're right about the circle of life. Man has eaten animal for many, many years.

Am I totally off the mark with this POV?

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Hey! Love your blog! Following!

Rasha said...

Well here I am commenting, even though you dont want me too.. HAHA

I don't know much about this.. I mean I know what you told me and I've read a little, but I guess not enough to make me stop eating meat... Thanks for informing me though, I should read that book and see what's up!

"I dont care about little chicks!" DIRECT quote from MARI... LMAO

maria said...

:) I've been vegetarian for the lasts 4 years... it's a really good thing. the last thing i gave up was chiken and even now i eat it sometimes, mostly when there's nothing else if I go to a place or something.. but If I can I never eat it.
Love your blog! and i gave you an award ... =)

bananas. said...

I hate to comment hooride but kara's comment sums up my thoughts completely. I love vegetarian food and eat meat rarely but none of these facts will prevent me from eating a steak when i'm craving a steak. Ha!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Eating meat is such a hard topic for me. I'm the biggest animal lover I know who still eats meat. I do try to be conscience of where it comes from (ie I only buy free-range chickens, quality of life is big for me) but it's so hard to completely change it. What to do, what to do!