Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Kitty (see also: time for an intervention?)

It all started with a debit card...
Bank of America won me over while opening an account and I HAD to have this debit card. I should have seen this all coming before.

Afterward I found this cute little avatar for my steam account and just thought it was cute and innocent!

via my camera phone
Then I found these adorable key cover at F21 and had to have it to make a special key (Ross' apartment) stand out. I thought I had a hold on this, okay?

Then while browsing weheartit I found this super cute nail art with Hello Kitty and I needed to do this too...

via my camera phone
This is my version that I quickly snapped a picture of and sent to Ross so someone could appreciate it with me

via my camera phone
This is how my nails are decorated as I'm typing this.
Okay, I really like Hello Kitty.
I get it. It's not that bad.
I swear

I had to have the Hello Kitty band aids to make me feel better when I got a boo-boo.

I found post its at the dollar section at Target...How could I not??
Ross says I have a problem. He thinks I need some help. I tell him to just deal and hand him another beer to forget his Hello Kitty woes.
I forget my Hello Kitty woes with these.

I just would like a couple more things! Like this coffee mug would make my mornings so much brighter.

and if I have the coffee cup I need to have the toaster to make Hello Kitty toast to go with it right?

I've already got my heart set on a Hello kitty themed 21st where I make a huge Hello Kitty masterpiece of a cake. Hey I was thinking maybe I can go as Hello Kitty for Halloween

See it's not that bad! Not a problem at all.

Except I saw this car down the freeway the other day with this huge white, gorgeous decal of Hello Kitty on the back and I think nothing would look so beautiful on my window too.
When I told this to Ross he just gave me a look of pity. (???)
yeah umm Hello? it should be a look of envy since I'd have one huge bitchin' decal.

Maybe we can do something on Ross' terms? Ross is uh-mazing at guitar and we could totally rock out together if I just had a guitar like this.

It's just a few things okay? I just want what I want, okay?

Now really it's not like my room looks like this okay?

but by golly would I would be a happy camper if my house looked like this.
Complete with Hello Kitty kitchen? white granite countertops, pink cabinets, pink appliances, complete package with a custom Kitchen-aid pink mixer with Hello Kitty painting.

Okay Ross! I get it. I need help. I get it...

but I'm thinking maybe we can compromise if I get some Hello Kitty gear like this?
I'm pretty sure those would go over well with him =)

What is your current obsession? maybe we can get a discount on therapy if we do it in a group


Rasha said...

HAHA whoaaaa, that house, awesome! haha love your obsession, hello kitty rocks! ps, come paint my nails cute like that!

Lindsay said...

I totally get this!!! I have the same obsession with pandas. If there is a panda on it, I have to have it!! That Hello Kitty house is AMAZING!!!!

Kara said...

Hahaha I super duper loved this post. I don't have a serious obsession like that, although I definitely have my quirks about things I like! And don't worry, I think it's a bf's job to harass you about your quirks. It makes you that much cuter :)

brittany said...

so ummmm mari.....are you 14? jkjk.

i'll go with you for my tv addiction and we can beat this together.

bananas. said...

gah! hello kitty overload!!!!!!

haha. it's all good. rock on with your kitty self. i personally dig your nails. you're always so creative with that.

Anonymous said...

i love HK too ♥