Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Week

I spent one full week (a staycation) if you will with my dear sweet boy Ross. Since I will be moving in by the end of the month I needed him to get a nice big taste of what it would feel like to be together 24/7. If he is gonna freak out on me and what moving in together could mean I would rather it happen before it's too late and we hate each other or something. Thankfully we both really enjoyed each other's company and he only adds to my happiness and boosts my quality of life and I hope I do the same for him. I can't wait for the next two weeks to pass so I can go play house with the most amazing guy I know.

Here is a couple pictures I had to snap so I could post them here to remind myself how sweet that week together was.

I'll be the first to say that I've never been a cat person (or a pets who shed hair all over my nice black pencil skirt person) but boy oh boy do I love these kitties. Ross asked me today if I was gonna be okay living with the cats and all I could think was "of course! They're the fur babies!" I did think to ask him if he could keep him from pooping anymore but I think that was pushing it.

Ross is a hard body now and when I hadn't seen him in two weeks and go over there to find he has joined a gym, is doing weight training, and downing protein shakes, I yelled out in anguish "You're not gonna have a neck anymore!". After I realized that no neck Ross was gonna be without a neck because he would be rippling with muscles I figured it would be better to jump the band wagon and spend my week there to eat healthier and join him in the gym. So here's my yogurt and fruit snacks I made for us which totally made me feel better after the terrible things Ross made me do at the gym.

The same day as our epic bike ride through Tempe we biked to Sake Bombers (we're terrible vegetarians) and feasted on some uh-mazing sushi.

I'm pretty good on not eating any meat but the one and only exception from being vegetarian would be our beloved sushi! I can't say no to something that makes Ross this happy.

Like any good staycation should end we spent our last day together finishing season two of True Blood. I fell in love and have read all the books and then begged Ross to watch the show with me. Him being the sweet guy he is said of course and lo and behold he LOVED the show. Our favorite character is Eric and the whole Jessica/Hoyt romance just warms my heart.

That was my little week and here I'll be patiently waiting until I can spend all my weeks over in Tempe with Ross ♥


Rasha said...

Wahoo! I am so happy for you love!! Living with them is amazing!!! I cant wait for you to be closer!!

Gabby said...

Sounds like a goooood week! :)

brittany said...

how freakin' exciting mari! i'm so happy for you two. :)

tyler and i finished season 2 of true blood yesterday...and i am NOT happy about having to wait a year for season we may be getting hbo soon haha.

happy monday love!

Kara said...

That sounds simply amazing, EXACTLY how I'd spend my time if I were you! Isn't Sake Bombers awesome? I had the beginning of my 21st bday celebration there :) We lived right across the st so it was so handy to do some sake bombs and walk home!! ;)