Sunday, July 18, 2010

A wedding

My good friend Austin from High school got married to his wonderful husband Todd recently. They went off a couple of weeks ago to legally get married and had a reception on July 10th in Arizona. I being of the cake making kind and Austin being of the poor college student figured out a plan so I could do their cake for them! I was soooo excited and nervous and technically it's fake cake (only the top tier is actually cake with the rest being Styrofoam) but it was honestly the happiest I've been making a cake knowing I was doing it for true love and such a sweet cute couple.

This is me, Austin, and my good friend Ashley

This is a short update for now as I'm going to be utilizing all my spare time by packing because I'm moving to Tempe NEXT WEEKEND/WEEK!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

okay- are you kidding me with how pretty you look???? Your makeup and new blonde hair looks so freaking cute!!! I adore it. So nice of you to make your friends' cake! Looks great Mari! Have fun with the move!!!

bananas. said...

you ROCK in the cake making department, lady! you really do. and so sweet to help you buddy austin out. congrats to him and his new hubs :)

Rasha @ {andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Love the cake its awesome and love you and ross!!!


Kara said...

WOOHOO GAYS MARRYING! My gay bff and his boyfriend are talking about going down that road too and it makes me so so happy :)

That cake is gorgeous, your hair/dress are gorgeous and YOU are gorgeous. Yowza woman.

Stephanie said...

Amazing cake!!! Loving your dress pretty. ♥

Melissa Marie said...

Your cake making skills are FANTASTIC!! That cake is beautiful!