Sunday, July 25, 2010


I officially have moved in with Ross and now I am living, once again, in beautiful Tempe

Everything is still new and I sorta feel like I am just visiting and it hasn't at all hit me that in a couple days I'm gonna NOT gonna pack up my weekend bag and go back home...
I am home.

We are both adjusting and getting used to sharing space and organizing and compromising with how we manage everything

I brought too much stuff and that sorta wigged Ross out...but honestly I don't need that many springform pans so I started a "going back" box to help out

oi. I really, really excited to be living in Tempe, so close to school and with Ross

it's gonna take some work and getting used to and we will have bad days

and we will have really good ones too =)

I hope everything with you is dandy =)
I'm super pumped to start the Home Ec sewing class and I need to get out and about and start searching for fabrics. I'm dreading unpacking everything and finding a place for my stuff but right now I'm gonna concentrate on snuggling and trying to wake up Ross before noon =)


Rasha @ {andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Im so happy for you and I hope we hang out more! It takes time to get used to it, it was awkward with natt and I too, and we still have problems on whose going to do everything, but you can make it work!

Kara said...

WOOHOO!!! This weekend was the best for both of us, it sounds like :) Yay cohabitating!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

that is so exciting!!!! Congratulations, I have never lived with a boyfriend before I bet it's a lot of work and perfectly wonderful. Sooo fun!! Good luck unpacking it all.