Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growing Pains

Yesterday was just a bad day.
I've always been a really positive person or someone with an extra amount of resilience and I don't see there being any time for moping when you are looking to the future for opportunity.

Yesterday it got to me and it was just a bad day.
My camera died. No big problem, right? Not really until we couldn't find the charger anywhere
Ross might have left it the hotel well he was last on vacation
I was taking pictures of all the items that are going to be the opening line of my shop so that really bummed me out.

Then I slammed my thumb in the car door on my way to work and not only did it make me cry then, it throbbed all day and kept me from sleeping.
I'm sure the nail is gonna fall off and that puts my total nail count down to 18. damn.

Then work was sloooooow and filled with some difficult costumers,

but the cherry on top was an argument with Ross.
Yes I just posted about how happy I am but this was one of those arguments that I like to think of as a growing pain. You know when you have to tear down a wall to build a bigger room or when you were a kid and your legs would ache all summer but that was the year you grew three inches?? Those are growing pains and this argument was one of those that you have to take three steps back to take two forward, then another step back and then at the end three steps forward.

It was draining, and there was crying and pain and hurt going on but that's reality.

You love someone, you grow, you love, you have some growing pains, you love and you grow some more.

I almost wasn't going to post about it but I don't want to make it look like life is 100% amazing all the time- it isn't and I'm almost a little weary of blogs that are super positive all the time every post. My blog friends are like blog family and this is something I want to be genuine and that means telling you about the love, and the cute boots, and fun crafts but it also means posting about stress from school, relationship woes and tifs with friends.

Thank you for letting me be able to post about all this though- I've "met" the most amazing people here

On another note I do believe we may have found a substitute camera to take pictures with so I'm hoping tomorrow may be the day when I finally open up shop!


Emilyisasecret said...

I actually really liked this post. It's refreshing. chin up pretty lady.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Sorry bout the fight but thats what keeps us going. love you lady.

Kara said...

Aww, I'm so sorry you had a crappy day. Arguments happen. They hurt a lot sometimes. The thing is though, they make us stronger :)

Can't wait to see the items you're putting in le shop! Let's get this giveaway going! Only 3 more followers to go :)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I am sorry that you had trouble with your camera.. I am super picky like that and always get so annoyed when my camera doesn't work as I hope it to, seriously, I get really bummed. And I'm sorry about your fight- ugh, ugh and more ugh- those are never fun. Thanks for sharing the ugly side of life, I agree that it's often nice to hear it because we all experience it frequently. I love, love, love that last image of you. Cheer up gorgeous, tomorrow is another day!

brittany said...

thank you for not *always* making it about butterflies and rainbows and puppy dogs. while the shitty stuff is shitty, it happens. thanks for sharing, pretty girl.

Alexandra said...

i really liked how you compared arguing to tearing down a wall to build a bigger room