Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of the Year Review

I stole this little questionnaire from Miss Summer and you should fill it out too

The Past Year
1. How have you spent your time?
Mari: Working, learning, loving, getting into trouble, being happy and blessed, living up my youth, being free, falling in love

2. What were you grateful for?
Mari: I am grateful for Ross, for my job and my education. Our apartment and the kitties. My mom and my family and that I have an imagination and a capable body that lets me do what I can dream.

3. What were your sorrows and disappointments, and how did they change you?
Mari: not having a license but I moved to Tempe and fell in love so that I feel blessed to have happen. It stinks sometimes how tight money can be or the fact that I have some debt but it's taught me to pay attention to the love and great friends in your life and just make sure you can pay rent and buy food and that buying things other than that won't make you happy. I much rather be poor and living where I live than have money to buy things and not be a quarter as happy as I am now.

4. What books, films, etc., moved you?
Eating Animals, Inception, Ishmael, I can't remember...

Now you!!

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bananas. said...

inception was good! overall it sounds like it's been a good year and hey you still have a month and a half left.