Monday, November 8, 2010

Kitty Connection

If you have read my little 'ol blog for a bit you or know me in real life you may have followed my relationship with the kitties from one one ambivalent anxiousness to love and undying devotion.

If not you can see me mention them here, here, and another very important kitty here.

Even though I started not totally okay with the kittties and their hair covering every square inch of the apartment or the fact that they poop in a box under our stairs, I liked them. Liked turned to appreciated and appreciation turned to care which then turned to love. Now I pick them up while they cry for Ross to come save them while I rock them around calling them "kitty baby". (I do this about one to three times per day, give or take)

They are my fur babies and I am their step/foster people momma. So I snap pictures of them and tell people about the cute (read: annoying) stuff they do. I already had the yarn so I guess Ross was just a blessing in disguise delivering me the kitties.

Because I love them so much and I have like four papers to write, three chapters to read and 30 some pages in a reader, and grad school applications to worry about (read: having to cancel our much anticipated morning hike) I decided to show you all pictures of the kittie babies doing the cutest shit ever-

F**ing Adorable!
I find him like this and want to cuddle him till his bits pop out he is so cute (Ross one time called me Elmira Duff and I just about squeezed him too)

Grey likes my pillow ♥

"Wow! Twin cats!"
-direct quote from Hungry Howies delivery boy one night.

I l♥ve them

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richelle jean said...

ahh oh my gosh! SO cute. i'm allergic to cats. :( BUT I WISH I WASN'T.