Tuesday, November 2, 2010

7 things

I am stealing this from the fantastic Summer who stole it from someone else.

1. I can't stand finger nails scratching on ice- it's like nails on a chalkboard for me.

2. I'm afraid of heights but I really want to go sky diving once, fly through the air, and cross it off the list.
3. I need to have at least 7 hobbies- it keeps me from actually doing real work on any of them

4. I want a super fancy camera really bad (mmm Nikon)

5. If I had the guts I would see all my stuff and go do humanitarian work in developing nations- but I don't have the guts so I'm going to keep going to school and do it on the policy level

6. I really like my major (communication) but if I could have a redo I wouldn't choose such a shit major (hello my classes are full of frat boys and sorority girls)

7. I lost a toe nail over the summer and I've been so embarrassed about it that I've been covering it up with a band-aid until it grew back enough to resemble a normal nail
It's still not all there and the one thing I want really badly is a pedicure.

I'm tagging in my post Rasha, Caitlin, Gabby, Brittany, Kara, Vivianna, and Carol


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Hey!!! Thanks for the tag!!!! I have a post I'm about to put up but I'll hit yo uback this week, love this idea. But anyway... enough about me... I'm with you on the sky diving! I don't have a fear of heights but I do if planes and jumping out of them.. but the adrenaline rush (and the picture of me in the air) almost make it completely worth it... just not sure if I could actually do it. And when do fingernails scrach on ice? haha. Sorry you lost a toe!!! Funny story, I lost a fingernail one time after it slammed in a door and when it fell off, I put it under my pillow thinking I could trick the tooth fairy (clearly I told my parents this). When I woke up, I had a dollar. That story always makes me laugh because either my mom or my dad had to reach under my pillow and get my disgusting bloody nail...anyway, don't be embarrassed. Would you care if someone was missing a toenail? I know I wouldn't. And I want a nice camera too :)

brittany said...


love the look of your new page, very cute. :)

Gabby said...

Thanks for the tag, ladylove! I also want a fancy camera. I'm crossing my fingers that Santa will be nice to me. :)

Kara said...

Bahahahahaha, I'm really sorry, but I just lol'ed about your toenail. I totally agree with you, would NEVER not wear a bandaid! I'd be in close toed shoes like all the time. So glad it's healing :)

Thanks for the tag!!! I gotta set this post up soon :)