Monday, November 8, 2010

Mushy Gushy

I grew up thinking love was a fallacy.
Love was something that was made up like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, or Daylight savings time just to waste my time.
"I wasn't going to do that fake stuff called love because I was going to go to school and be smart one day" I thought

Yet here we are, me and Ross, (living together in sin and so much in love) and I was proven the fool.

The things I've learned about love
by Marisela C.

I didn't know that love meant you would take care of me. You take care of the dishes and the shampoo, and my bike.

I didn't know that love would be so funny and that we would stay up until 3 am watching cat videos and you telling me stories about when you were a kid.

I didn't know love would mean you would by me booze!
no- I didn't know love would mean you would make sure I had fun for once.

I didn't know love meant you were it it. Even when being in it means biking home in the rain at two am with a broken flip flop. I didn't know that love would mean you trying to save my flip flop and I probably shouldn't have thrown it away.

If you have been following for awhile- then you've been able to see this all happen and thank goodness for that because then I have other people to ask and make sure that this is real- that I'm not dreaming and that it's all really happened.

if not- you can see it happen from

Hey Ross- I love you.


brittany said...

so precious. :) i'm so happy that you're so happy, lady. :):):)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

told you love is amazing.......

Kara said...

So super cute! I've been meaning to do a similar post about Ryan lately. Isn't it amazing how much things change and intensify for the better when you move in together?! I LOVE it. Love it.

allyson joy said...

awwwww,,, so precious!!!! love this