Thursday, April 1, 2010

Actually I think that's fabric softener

I worked out yesturday at ASU's gym for about an hour and a a half (thank you TVs on all the equitment and The Colbert Report for helping work it out) and then during my 3 hour night class I started to starve. Ugh agony that is working out and then having pangs of hunger when yu live 40 minutes away from home and free food and don't want to spend moe money and stuff you shouldn't be eating anyway.

*DING* Then the lightbulb went off in my head saying "Hey that oh so sweet guy named Ross gave me a key and open invitiation to come over whenever I want...and HEY I made that pizza on Monday and there has to be at least one slice left!" So I sent him a text hoping I wasn't intruding in his night but that I was going to gnaw off my arm if I didn't get some of that pizza in me. His response? The pizza was long gone but I got an invitiation to come over anyways and we ordered in pizza. Yummm. Such a sweetheart to feed me. =)

Cut to 2 hours later us just hanging out and enjoying each other's compnay and talking about random things when I say to him

"Hey I was gonna wash your sheets when I cleaned on Monday but I didn't find any deteregent"
"I have detergent...It's that blue bottle"
"The Suavitel? You've been using that stuff from the bottle that is in Spanish?"
"Yeah I got it from the corner market down the street"
"They didn't have detergent in English? Because I am almost positive that is fabric softener"
"Really? You sure because I've been washing my clothes in that"
"Yeah...I think so let me grab it"
*running down the stairs to grab the Suavitel*
"Yeah this is totally fabric softener or Aconditionador de Telas. See look for yourself"
*Hand fabric softener over while trying to contain fits of laughter*
"This is awesome. Thank you for letting me be the one to point thing out! Can I blog about this? *snaps picture* You've been softening your laundry!"
"Think of the bacteria!"
*me histerically laughing*
"What would I do without you?"

YES! I am still too scared of wigging him out by making him pose for 20 pictures before a date or something just so I can get a good one up here of us, BUT this situation gave me a quick window to take a picture of Ross (and I really wanted a memeory of how funny its all was). Since the angle is horrendous and he is in his pj's I'm stealing one from his facebook just for the purpose of accuracy so you all can get a good idea. =)

We have a date planned for Kona this Saturday so maybe in my fancy state I can persuade him to model up for a couplde shot...maybe not still don't want to go all paparazzi on him quite yet.


bananas. said...

Hey!!! There he is!

So glad to put a face to the name. It excuses his fabric softener moment.

Lindsay said...

hahaha!!! that is too funny!!! love it!

Kara said...

Lol!!! My bff did that for awhile with bleach (made for colors). He couldn't figure out why none of his clothes smelled good when they were clean, hahaha!

brittany said...

finallyyyy! hey there ross.

that story is too funny :) at least his clothes smelled good? haha.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

hahaha, I know what you mean- I am always scared in the beginning to paparazzi who I really like! But everyone else can expect huge flashes going off in their face 5 min after I meet them :) He's super handsome and I love the convo haha :)