Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fat Kid Syndrome

Surprise, surprise I was a fat kid.

White bread eating, m & m loving, inside staying fat kid.
As a former fat kid now trying to get in shape I feel that I'm now suffering from fat kid syndrome

Fat Kid Syndrome: n; latin, stems from being an over weight child who was not active and now effects activity, energy, and ability when exercising in later life.

I hated going outside in the hot Arizona sun.
I loved arts and crafts and subbing my recess for reading time.
I ate like I needed to build up a layer of fat for hibernation.
I had asthma as a kid and would rather do long division than run.

Cut to the new me that is IITGI and spending more time at the gym then on the couch. I have shreded, yoga-ed, sweated it out on an the elliptical and bike but was still too scared to try to run.

That was until Friday night when I had to make it to that lightrail stop and needed to book it to get to it. I ran. My lungs didn't burn. I didn't want to stop after three steps. I actually felt like I had great form and speed and was really having fun.

I really thought I had something like Fat Kid Syndrome that kept me at the back of the pack or from really trying because I knew I'd just fail. That short Friday sprint was the boost of confidence to keep me going on.

before my hike Sunday

Fat Kid Syndrome can eat it...I'm going for a run.


Rasha said...

You're looking good!! Keep it up. I went for a run tonight and just about killled myself.

dee said...

:) i'm not skinny either. my body shape looks a bit like yours, and i'v joined the gym last august...and i've became an addicted :) i was afraid of the treadmill too, but i started with only 3 minuts running. it's not too much but it's a good sprint. the ideal is to walk, then run, then walk and so on :) after a month you can join the marathon ihihihi

Miss Caitlin S. said...

That's so awesome!!! Don't you love when you get in strong workout routines and it actually starts feeling good and you WANT to go? That's so awesome and I love when I go that route. You look super cute for a hike- look like you're on the Hills!