Monday, April 19, 2010

some things I've learned

Education doesn't just happen in the classroom.
Here are some things I learned this weekend.

That if I get dolled up Mr. Better-Than-Prince-Charming will dress up too and take me out.

Giving a night time tour of ASU can be more fun that Disneyland and that Old Main is beautiful day of night.

The elliptical not only is good for exercise but improves your cardio so much that when you have to run for the light rail you're the first one there.

Even if it is Arizona check, double check, and triple check that the pool isn't freezing if it's 1AM. Shit it felt like jumping into ice water.

A hot shower will cure anything. Especially when there's someone else who can get your back.

Happy Monday everyone! This is post number 100 and I have made it to 53 followers so expect to hear from me everyday this week and for my first giveaway this Friday.


brittany said...

ummmm can i borrow that outfit in picture numero uno? i'm in love.

and you naaaughty ;) haha get it girl.

yay for a giveaway!!!

bananas. said...

looking saucy mari! loves it!

not sure night time ASU can beat my happy place in disneyland but i'll take your word that it's a good time.

oh and hot showers may cure everything but singing in the shower makes you live longer. haha.

Misty Dunny said...

Love these things, and agree with them all! You are simply adorable.

Rasha said...

As I said i love that picture, I agree that main is BEAUTIFUL and loving the shower thing, I agree 100%

love you.

Kara said...

How cute are YOU!? You're looking fly with all that working out. And I agree - showers are the greatest when there's someone in there with you to ensure premium boob cleanliness ;)

Rasha said...

Love that picture of course!!

i agree with the shower thing!!! loveeeeee it.

Anonymous said...

this post is SO fun, you look so great in that picture!

Jess said...

Haha I don't even need to bother with uni. There is nothing like life skills! I might borrow the first one and see if it works on my guy!

Carrie said...

Your dress was fabulous. Just sayin. ;)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I already saw this picture on your Twitter like 10 years ago but really, you look so cute in it!!! I think you are the queen of feminine badassness. Sorry, I always sound like a broken record telling you that but I really mean it! Beautiful and I'm so wish you on the showers... I take about 3 a day even if I just pop in and rinse my body- love them! Don't think I didn't notice that someone is washing your back.. :)