Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What to Eat Wednesday is brought to you this week by the letter "C"
Things that start with the letter C


Maybe I've watched a little too much kids TV...
The word I like that starts with C is

Today's post is just some cakes I've done in the past couple months and I'm going to use it as a little inspiration to get myself baking this summer.

nothing says "I love you like" like Elmo?

"don't eat the fondant!" "is it edible" "well yeah, duh, why would I put it on a cake if it wasn't? but don't eat it!"

"blow, blow, blow!"

Happy Wednesday week I swear I will cook something that isn't as unhealthy as cake is.

p.s. How amazing was Glee last night?? I might have to post on that or at least make good on a promise I might have made on twitter off Brittany's comment.


brittany said...

and what promise was this lady? i can't remember!! bake me a cake? mmmyes. :)

bananas. said...

mari! you're so good with cakes. i'm jealous and want MADLY to have your cake skills!

Rasha said...

Yummm i loveeeee cake!

Lindsay said...

First I have to say... I LOVE CAKE!!! but you wanna know what I love more than cake??? GLEE!!! oh my gosh the Madonna episode has to be my favorite episode of Glee of like ALL time. I serioulsy LOVED it!!! Hope you have an awesome rest of your week. loves!

Kara said...

You. Are. Amazing. I can't believe you made those cakes!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

That cake is amazing!! Well they all are but your friends' cake is seriously impressive, I'm in awe of your skills!