Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ok let's try this again..

I'm okay. I freaked out and then moped, realized it wasn't the end of the world, moped and then was completely sucked of any want to post anything at all and so I didn't. If I didn't feel like writing anything, my thinking was that if I posted no one would feel like reading.

what happened? oh yeah never did post or email anyone did i? Yeah it's because I did something that I like to call a Stupid College Thing and long story really short

I am without a car until late October.

which wouldn't be so much of a problem if I didn't live at my parents house in Queen Creek and starting my Senior year at ASU which is Tempe (a good 45 mins away). Now add in my worries about having to go to work and going out with friends in the summer or road trips to the beach. yeah you wouldn't want to blog either.

but thankfully the most important worry is now gone since I will be moving to Tempe in August just in time to start my last year at ASU.

I'm excited to be on my own again and really the move from home is long overdue.
The big huge cherry on top is that I'm gonna get to see these handsome guys everyday.

♥ my cell phone

Yeppers Ross has been so sweet and caring to ask me to move in with him since he lives just down the street from ASU.

I took the time to also reevaluate where I want this blog to go. I originally started it as a way to show my family how I was doing wherever I was since I really want to travel (hence the URL address of "WhereisMarisela") and want to keep that goal in mind. I'm gonna use this as a place to blog about traveling to a new home, about getting around Tempe on a bike, and traveling in Arizona and around the world. Maybe I can jot down the process of planning to since my good friend Sara and I have just started planning our huge European adventure that will take place next summer.

I have so much stuff to talk about though that I hope I can stick with this blogging kick. I have started on headbands to open a shop and shopping on craigslist for a bike to get around in Tempe and I've never lived with someone I was dating so I'll have to chronicle the journey from I think his snoring is sweet and cute to days where I have to sleep on the couch from fear of smothering him in his sleep to get some peace and quite. I'm also gonna try C25K and the size 8 challenge is back on!
Thanks all for well wishes and concerns and reading this blog and being along for the ride.
I'm gonna get to commenting and reading all of great blogs I've missed!

OHHHH I almost forgot. Ross came for my mom's birthday to meet my parents for the first time and not only did my brother tell him he had guns, my mom chaperoned my tour of the house with him, and my dad taught my 2 year old niece how to slam down a shot glass yell "YUMMY" and pick up a lime to suck on at the same time... of course it goes without saying but that gets a post all on it's own...


Lindsay said...

oh no i hope everything is ok!!! Your going to open a shop??? That is so awesome!!!!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

boy have i missed you, my friend. i was worried but did not want to pry. i adore you and remember, YOU ARE STRONG!

Gabby said...

I'm glad you're 'back'! Sounds like you have a ton of changes coming your way, lady! I hope everything works out. :)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I seriously just got excited when I loaded your page ( was checking every now and again) and saw new entries! yaya!! I'm sorry about whatever happened but hopefully you learn from it and move on (and don't repeat it). Sounds like change is in store and that's always a good thing - ps I like how you told us where "whereismarisela" came from because I always wondered! Welcome back!!!

Rasha said...

Miss you girl!