Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Ohhh, I wouldn't have really shot her"

Turner Classic Movies has very easily become my favorite channel this summer. This month on TCM it's Natalie Wood month and to celebrate every monday they are showing a bunch of her movies. Last Monday I was lucky enough to catch West Side Story and Gypsy with my mom and as I'm writing this now I'm watching Annie Get Your Gun on TCM.

Annie Get Your Gun has insane good music and was really cute. I loved how it's basically a makeover movie of Annie using her wits and talents to get her guy. It reminded me of Oklahoma and how much fun that was Junior year. (I played Aunt Eller) The songs in Annie Get Your Gun were soooo much better than Gypsy to me so that basically means I'll be blasting them from my ipod all week long! (Ross will be soooo happy)

Gypsy had one really good song I liked (and that just may have been from this scene in Glee) but what stood out for me was the burlesque dancing Natalie Wood's character Gypsy did. The rest of the movie was slow and maybe I was tired but I only really like the last 45 mins or so.

West Side Story is my favorite though. I remember watching it my sophomore year in Orchestra after we played an arrangement from the movie and falling in love with it. This was the first musical I went out and bought the movie and soundtrack and then listened to on repeat for months. Then came Rent, Wicked, Chicago, Cinderella and many more but it all started with West Side Story.

The Sharks are legit and the dance fighting between The Sharks and The Jets was so funny to me. The Jets have way better dancing and songs compared to The Sharks but my favorite character is Anita!
I would die a happy, happy girl if I could play Anita in some community theatre production of West Side Story. America is probably my favorite song out a musical ever. I crave Anita's parts in Tonight and A Boy Like That/I Have a Love and really with her spunk and sass how could you not love Anita?

"When love comes so strong,
There is no right or wrong,
Your love is your life"
I can't get over how beautiful Natalie Wood is as Maria. Her and Tony's sad ending had my mom chocking up and me bawling the first time I watched the movie. I'll be bringing a box of tissues for when me and Ross watch it (he's just a real sensitive guy) =)

What are some of your favorite musicals?


Miss Caitlin S. said...

these images in themselves just made me very happy- I love looking at them!! I also adore that you mentioned "Gypsy"!! I love that movie! Natalie is so cute in it. My fave musicals are across the universe, Grease... hmmm... not sure what else but I know there's more

Laura said...

I LOVE West Side Story! We used to have movie nights as a kid and watch old musicals and this was always a fav.! Natalie Wood is so beautiful as Maria! i just love everything about it, I remember crying every time!

so, so good! glad you are enjoying TCM!

Kristin said...

I could watch West Side Story over and over and over again!!

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