Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"I want to ride my bicycle! bicycle! BICYCLE!"

I am in love! I picked up this beauty from the seller's house last night rode it over to Ross' place and fell instantly in love. It's a 1960's Japanese vintage bike. The former owner, Erin, had just graduated from ASU and needed to get rid of it before moving back home to Virginia. I got it from her for just $100 and add a silver bell and a silver basket and it is the most beautiful perfect bike ever. I never though I would be so in love with a bike!

You wanna know something I don't love?? ARIZONA HEAT! Holy cow I just rode across the street to pick up a bell and basket and back to Ross' place and just about melted! I guess I haven't noticed summer being here since I've spent most of my time inside or at work, but I better get used to it quick because I'll be riding to work the next couple days. After I melt though we're going tubing down the Salt River Saturday to burn so on Sunday I will be melted and burnt but hey what else is summer for?

This is me back from riding around in an oven. (I don't even brush my hair anymore)

I had to push down the sunglasses and pout! come on now.

My new old gorgeous bike! I just need a name and can't think of one!
What would you name her.

I kinda like the 60's vibe so I'm thinking Estelle, Gladys, Betty, Donna maybe Beatrice?
What would you choose?


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

darlin! you look so HOT!

Rasha said...

Now you can start understanding the love I have for my bike penny! WAHOOOOO for bikes, lets go on a ride, and YEAHHHH dude its too hot, how o you think I like die riding it, haha!

You look great. Miss you.

bananas. said...

Betty is cute but did you say she was japanese? Might want to go with something japanese related...ooh like geisha!

Anonymous said...

i am so excited that you are back!!!!