Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hey Friday! I'm in love..

If you don't know that it's Friday and that we're all in love then you must not know Summer and truly that is a travesty. Shoot over to her blog and see what an amazing, sweet, beautiful, caring, strong, creative, funny, (I could go on for days) kind of girl she is.

Now that you have shot Summer a sweet "Hello" I can tell you that I am seriously in love with bikes right now.

I've been searching on craigslist for a sweet ride that will be getting me around Tempe. I doubt that I could pull of that move but now I know what my goal is after getting super good at riding a bike around without falling off or getting hit.

Ross has a really nice red bike that his dad passed down to him so we are gonna (I'm gonna beg him to) go take rides around and find empty fields in Phoenix to recreate this picture in.

chances are that this is how I will end up about 75% of the time.
oh and don't google "bike crashes" unless you want a billion reasons to never ride a bike again.

Have a Friday full of love =)


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Love these images, I hope you find your dream bike!!! :) Old, vintage bikes are always, always awesome.

Rasha said...

I totally love my bike.

Shannon Ashley said...

Hey lady! I haven't been posting on my blog but I have been (sort of) up to date on reading.. I read your post back then and should have said it then, but I wanted to say that I'm here for you if you need to talk! It sounds like you handled your run in with the law maturely and even turned a bad situation into an opportunity (moving in with the boyf!!) so good for you!! As for bikes, I got a bike last September and LOVED biking around my college's city. And seriously- it is such exercise.. I'd bike 1 mile to somewhere and my calves were burning. I got a "beach cruiser" from my school's bike auction.. the ones with back pedal brakes and no gears. They look super cute with a basket on them.. thats my recommendation! On other note, I'm following you on twitter! I really need to end my blogging-hiatus, I have so much to write about it seems hard to handle!