Sunday, November 21, 2010

If I ever marry

I was never really one to plan out my wedding. Heck half the time I keep thinking about reasons to never get married but when I do plan out things it's always the music. I always think of what would be the perfect song for walking down the isle or a first dance and I think they are the most perfect song for the me I am at that most perfect moment. Of course things change but right now I would love to start dancing the night away with Queen's The Millionaire Waltz.
You can read about how much I love Queen here.

I think the song is TOTALLy appropriate and after years of playing in orchestra and listening to good old rock and roll what is better than a rock waltz? and puhh-leaze there is nothing dreamier than Freddie on the piano (excpet maybe Ross on the guitar)

Imagine us like this + Queen

Happy Monday Folks!

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Miss Caitlin S. said...

gosh dang, I don't have a sound card installed and it always bites me in the ass! I do love the imagery and of course love Queen so putting them together in my head works too!