Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Give 'em hall Devils!"

My Senior year of college starts Thursday at good ol' ASU.

I have one jam packed Fall semester to look forward to and then after that just one class between me and May commencement.

Next semester I will be hopefully studying for the GREs, and applying to different master's programs, and getting letters of recommendations, filing for financial aid, jumping through rings of fire, and getting my cap and gown.

Driven isn't even a good enough word for how motivated I was to make it this far and yet it somewhat feels surreal that I WILL be graduating this year....

My parents didn't make it past grade school in Mexico.
My mom was 10 when my grandpa died from a gunshot wound and only 15 when she came to the US.
My dad picked cotton from the fields in Mexico and slept on the ground at night looking up at the stars.
My parents met at the orange packing plant that was filled with Mexican immigrant workers working for next to nothing.
My mom was pregnant at my age and would soon after giving birth get pregnant again.

and I'm going to graduate from ASU this May
and I WILL go on to graduate school because if they could do all that for me,
I can do this for me too.


Kara said...

WOOHOO! This was such a totally inspirational post, and wow your parents went through a lot! Best wishes through this year :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Love your motivation hunny!! Wahooo SENIOR YEAR!!

thomai said...

I wish you the best...always! :-D

bananas. said...

atta girl! i love hearing stories like that. go get 'em seniorita!

Jenny DB said...

Congrats on your last year of school, work hard but not TOO hard make sure to have some fun :-)

Eden said...

you are SO inspirational girl! :D

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Sorry we lost touch for about a month, I missed your words when you came into my head and had to come and see what's new. What a sweet post!! Wow, I always admire when people talk about their parents' hardships and reading about the stories that shape families but safe to say that your parents have seen a lot. How courageous of them to raise you my pretty girl and what better thanks can you give them than to be a successful member of society, a society they worked darn hard to be a part of and to contribute to and it sounds like they definitely did. I hope Fall term is treating you well!