Friday, October 29, 2010

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.

Halloween weekend is here! With it comes just about everyone's favorite time of year! Next is thanksgiving, MY 21st BIRTHDAY, Christmas, New Years, and then hopefully some vacation time.

In Arizona it means so much more too because we finally get some of colder weather and i can wear boots (which I have a whole post about shoes coming up) and sweaters and jackets.

Not to mention how fun the holidays are with family and food and this year will be so much more special doing things with Ross.

We have yet to carve pumpkins but I made some pumkin bread and cookies already and I'm ready for more.

Me and Ross already dressed up this year. Thank goodness for early halloween parties and being forced to pick out a costume is all I have to say.

and this year we are:

an ASU football player and referee.

It's funny because I got these gold leggings from American Apparel to wear as my football shorts and everyone thought I wasn't wearing pants because apparently I'm gold! My skin color was so close that people were telling me they didn't want to look down for fear f being a perv or something but I pulled up my jersey and showed everyone the top of my leggings so they would believe me.

Hey, I guess it's better than being orange like Snooki.

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween and what is everyone goes as and what plans do you all have?
I'm trying to convince Ross to go see Rocky Horror live at the Madcap Theatre here in Tempe but I have late homework and so much stuff to do that this may be a quieter Halloween for me.

Maybe next year when I'm not doing 10 million things at once I'll go big on Halloween and make this picture become reality...

Thanks Piknic for letting me twilight myself.

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{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

yay for halloween. love your new header.