Tuesday, February 24, 2009

After living on my own for the past two years (and in my own apartment since October) I am now moving back home. I’m feeling very up and down about all of the changes coming up in the next couple weeks so I’d figure I’d write about it and get it off my chest.

UP- I NO LONGER HAVE TO PAY RENT!!!!! It has become this weird circle where I got the apartment to be more independent, go out more, develop as a young adult, and have friends over and just be myself in my own space. Yet to pay for the new apartment I have been work from 30-40 hours a week and thus have no time for independent living, parties, friends, family, and am just making it by with work, school, and sleep. So I hope that by living at home I won’t have to stress about bills or having money left to go do what I want.

DOWN-I will once again have to answer to mommy and daddy which totally sucks. Me and mom have been so close, but boy oh boy do me and my dad have different opinions on everything. It was going through high school which was tough and I basically just did what they asked and counted down the days till I moved out for college and got to do things how I wanted to do them. It will be interesting coming back to the same home as more grown up version of me and see how everyone adjusts.

UP-I NO LONGER HAVE TO PAY RENT and am still planning to work my insane work schedule. Since I will be at home and either way not living my independent life I might as well make the most of my dead social life and make a quick buck. I already have my wish list of amazing wonderful things to buy with all this new ‘rent free’ money (new Mac laptop, new digital camera, a trip to wherever I want, etc.)

DOWN-The way the economy is going I won’t get to but all those fantastic new things but instead get to spend all of my lovely money on the tuition increase. Lame how scholarships get locked in the first year you attend, and so if tuition at ASU goes up, like everyone is saying it will, then I have to cover the difference. Thank God for parents and free shelter and food right?

UP-I will not have the stress or burden of bills, chores, and apartment duties to myself anymore and I can go back to being a kid and have my parents pick up the slack when things get too hectic. My laundry now gets lumped in with family laundry (yes!!) and not my sole responsibility anymore. If work or school gets too busy I don’t have to worry about dishes or cleaning or any of that crap till I can pick up the chores again (thanks mom!) So after 2 years of being an adult I’m soo happy to go back home and be totally spoiled. =) Also I have finally figured out where I want to go and what I want to do after college and lucky for me it’s not only is extremely exclusive but has like 5 or 6 steps to even being considered for hiring so moving back home will really give me the focus and drive to really study hard and get the best grades I can and prepare for the FSOT.

DOWN-Queen Creek is sooooo far away from Tempe. It really is on the edge of the universe and hopefully I can do the Tue/Thur class schedule again and only have to make the great voyage two days a week. Gas is going to be killer next semester and I’ll have to give into the devil again (aka parking and transit) and buy a ridiculously overpriced parking space that ends up making me walk half an hour to campus anyways. Love it. =(

UP-My mom is thrilled I’m moving back home and my simple request to change a couple things was met with ‘do whatever you want’. YES! So over spring break I’m taking a week off work and repainting my bathroom, my nephews room, and the spare bedroom which is soon to be my office/study/space for all the extra stuff I’ve accumulated since I moved out. It’s going to be killer! I am soo excited to have everything super cool and do something nice for my nephew (who’s room right now is in shambles). Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas from him and together we can give him a really sweet room that grows with him (he’s 10 right now and I am desperately trying to have him get rid of the pokemon and random stuff my keeps getting him. And he has a nice room, that means he‘ll want to keep it clean, right?? Lets hope!)

I am excited, bummed, and idk what else but I think the move back will be good for me to really get the foundation settled for graduation and after college (graduate school? FSO? Moving out of state? Study abroad?) Plus I get to decorate!! And frankly that has me totally excited right now. I can’t wait to see how it turns out and of course I’ll post pictures!

The interesting thing will be when my Dad sees that I have tattoos…and not just one but by then 4. I got my first one on my 18th birthday (I’m turning 20 this December) and somehow I have managed to keep it from my Dad (and I bet he will be super happy that not only do I have multiple tattoos but that he’s the only one that doesn’t know by now). He can’t really do anything about it now so lets hope he doesn’t have a heart attack. Maybe if I get one of him he won’t be so mad…You cannot get mad when the tattoo’s a big picture of you, right??

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