Thursday, February 26, 2009

So I have found a new love...and I have quickly become addicted!

Yes sweet, sweet and in the couple hours I have lost just looking at stuff I have already managed to somewhere in there spend about $40 on totally neccesary hair pins and funky vintage necklaces =)
Maybe if I can eliminate sleep from my life, I can crochet around the clock and support my newly forming addiction by selling stuff on etsy too...I make some mean scarfs!!
If you haven't checked it (which I think is insane since it has the best handmade stuff you really can't find anywhere else) I highly suggest you do.
On another note (well I suppose somewhat the same note since we're talkign about my $$ descreasing in rapid time..) I finally made an appoitnment for my new tattoo!
Timo at urban art tattoo in mesa is going to do a nice big piece on my left arm/shoulder on March 21st. I am super excited since he does some amazing work, a little nervous because shoulder tattoos really hurt sometimes, and scared out of my mind bcause with this new tattoo dear dad will inevitably find out I have one or four...damn.
Oh well I'll post pictures of my new etsy buys and tattoo!

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