Monday, March 2, 2009

Reason #463817 I will NOT have babies:

Babies (when in multiples numbers) drive everyone else INSANE when YOU’RE not a good parent.

Sunday at work I had a woman come in with about 7 kids all under the age of 5 to pick up a cake. The cake she ordered was due at noon and she had showed up at 11 to pick it up. (Side note: my BIGGEST pet peeve is when costumers order a cake for a time say 1pm and then they show up at 11am and want the cake they ordered at 1. NO, I do not have your cake ready, yeah ya know the cake you wanted at 1 pm, at 11am. It is 11 now and if you needed the cake at 11 you should have said you wanted your cake at 11, NOT at 1 like YOU did say. So no, right now, at 11, I DO NOT have the your cake, the one YOU ordered to be ready at 1, ready now. Sorry…huh not.) Anyways since she was an hour early she preceded to wait with her mass of badly behaved kids while I had her cake plus about 5 other more to do within a short period of time.

Over the next 20 minutes her children were a constant reminder of how much I DO NOT want to procreate…ever. They put their dirty little hands all over the case I had just cleaned, ransacked my order book, emptied the sample cookies jar, and were SCREAMING for the cake at about 11:05 when the cake was really due at 12..

In these 20 minutes I wondered why we don’t give parenting licenses out before people are allowed to make babies, why we don’t do forced sterilization on people who REALLY shouldn’t procreate and how some people who are obviously unfit to have ONE child is then allowed to have more! This all sounds horrible I know, it sounds really bad to me but that is honestly how close I was to a breakdown from the sheer annoyance of this mass of badly behaved kids.

I really think, from the looks of this woman, that ALL of these children were unplanned. While I think a child is never anything less than a blessing, if YOU are not prepared to fully accept the responsibility of such a blessing then maybe you should keep it in your pants, or keep your legs closed, just an idea. I know some amazing women who have/want TONS of kids and I am so proud of their strength, patience, and unselfishness, but I know I would suck up the situation (which is why I will not have kids) but aside from these special ladies some of you out there really shouldn’t have kids, let alone lots of kids, and maybe now that you have the kids and can’t really do anything about it you should probably pay attention to your children’s behavior and raising them properly. I’m positive I have no right to say of any of this since I don’t have kids or want them and can in no way understand what it really means to have them but that is just about how irritated I was with this woman and her ill behaved children. ‘Keep your kids in line…and figure out how to tell time is’ all I have to say to her.


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