Friday, March 27, 2009

Because I can

So I am continuing to procrastinate on posting pictures from my bathroom, spare bedroom, and new tattoo but instead I have found some amazing cooking blogs and recipes and been keeping up with work and school.

I move in to my parents house on Monday and surprising to say I am actually quite excited. Weird huh? Me and my mom have been so close lately and I guess I’m just happy to be there for her and a part of me is stoked I get a nice big kitchen to cook in again (I found the best recipe for meatballs and apple Danish type thing that I’m making Monday!) Me and mom had a teensy bit of a rough patch last year but since then and getting more focused on school we have really gotten to have a stronger relationship than ever. She really is my best friend and I’m quite excited for all the mom perks I get at home too. I’ll let you know when it gets not so fun anymore.

School is unbearable…ugh. Spring break totally got me out of the zone and I am just dying for summer, even though I will be going to summer school. Summer will not be as intense as school though and with it being slower at work during the summer and the fact that Cody, Brianna and Camilla (ASU friends) will all be staying in Arizona for some summer classes I expect some lazy days at the pool and a spontaneous road trip or two to break free from summer school. Yay for immense heat, summer fun, and perhaps our plans for Mexico City with the family will stick but we’ll just have to wait and see how safe it is.

So aside from being completely overwhelmed with work and school I have somehow found a list of stuff I am dying to do the first second I get the chance:

Make Zipper Flowers
finish reading...the 7 books I've started
Road trip to Sedona with Marisa??
figure out how to organize my recipes
work with Fondant!

so by the time these things get done I will have a whole new list =)

I probably will

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