Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cheesecake Anyone??

SO I love, absolutely adore baking. It really is fun to be able to make brownies, and cookies, cakes, and pies and then sharing them and making friends and family really happy. My favorite things to bake have to be chocolate cake, cookies (the kind you just take the dough and smack it down on the cookie sheet), and of course cheesecakes. The first two tend to be easier to make and look good when they come out, but it takes a couple cracked, browned and over cooked cheesecakes to fully get the trick to making one look good. So after hours of finding good recipes, looking up some ‘have-to’ tips to get a perfect looking cheesecake, and testing and trying I have the flattest (no sunk in middle) even colored, yummy looking cheesecake. YAY!
Here is a close up and a picture of it just out the oven.
I will try to get a picture of it when I serve it at work tomorrow befor emy co-workers devour the entire thing. It's interesting how I can use my baked goods as bargaining tools at my work (last time cory, my co-worker, made me chilli for was sooo good) At very least I get the chance to practice on making prettier and yummier cakes without having to eat an entire cheesecake and sharing with everyone!

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