Thursday, December 9, 2010

Start Spreading The News

I'm not leaving today but I am going to


I am so over the moon excited to be going (The farthest east I've traveled so far is New Mexico! Yep Arizona born and raised) and I wish it was happening already.


While New York Is super exciting in and of itself I would probably never get around to going if it wasn't for a great opportunity and a great opportunity came my way and somehow I got accepted. In February I will be a going to the delegate meetings at the UN Commission on the Status of Women!!! I got accepted to this fantastic program and I'm so excited to be in New York in the UN!!!

One day I would love to be looking at the corporatization of development through a communication lens and next to getting into a graduate program that has a strategic communication center going to the UN is the biggest opportunity that has come my way. I believe very strongly in feminist activism and through my classes on political communication and women and social change I hope to one day use communication theory to discuss how the procedures and policies used by NGO's like the World Bank and the IMF impact development in third world countries and what that means for the labor force, migrant workers, access to resources and how those developments impact women. I'm feel like I'm just getting started on my education career (even though this year I'm a graduating Senior) and can't wait for the opportunities available at this practicum.


Anyways I'm over the moon about going to New York. I am not so happy about flying alone or navigating subways and cabs and city streets all by myself. And while I got some funding from ASU and from the organization hosting the practicum I still have to figure out how to pay for tuition and housing for the week =/

T-shirt, I totally feel you.

Somehow I'll figure it out so I can be singing Neeeew Yooorrrk on the plane ride there in February.


brittany said...

AAHHHHHHHHH!!! HOW EXCITING! What an incredible opportunity and they are so lucky to have you!

Right after the holidays, I will be purchasing something from your shop to help send you on your way :) xoxo

Kara said...

SO SUPER EXCITING! What an amazing opportunity!!!!

City Girl said...

Congratulations, that's so exciting! What an amazing opportunity. I hope you have a great time here in the city!

jules said...

I adore NY. It has an amazing energy! You will LOVE it!

Carrie said...

Oh my good gracious! New York! So exciting! Can you just put me in your suitcase, pretty please??