Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Give 'em hall Devils!"

My Senior year of college starts Thursday at good ol' ASU.

I have one jam packed Fall semester to look forward to and then after that just one class between me and May commencement.

Next semester I will be hopefully studying for the GREs, and applying to different master's programs, and getting letters of recommendations, filing for financial aid, jumping through rings of fire, and getting my cap and gown.

Driven isn't even a good enough word for how motivated I was to make it this far and yet it somewhat feels surreal that I WILL be graduating this year....

My parents didn't make it past grade school in Mexico.
My mom was 10 when my grandpa died from a gunshot wound and only 15 when she came to the US.
My dad picked cotton from the fields in Mexico and slept on the ground at night looking up at the stars.
My parents met at the orange packing plant that was filled with Mexican immigrant workers working for next to nothing.
My mom was pregnant at my age and would soon after giving birth get pregnant again.

and I'm going to graduate from ASU this May
and I WILL go on to graduate school because if they could do all that for me,
I can do this for me too.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"You dropped the bomb on me, Baby"


Yesterday we had a bomb threat at work. (the Albertson's in Tempe)
My boss picked me up and we rode in to find that the entire street was blocked off and a police blockade was up. We parked a couple blocks away and walked up and had to tell about three officers that we worked for Albertson's and needed to go in. We reach the back and see that we got there towards the end of the excitement and see that the threat, in reality, is minimal to none. That's when we start singing super appropriate songs like "You dropped the bomb on me, Baby, you dropped the bomb on me"

My manager is crazy and wild and fun so we joked about going over to the liquor department and making a fallout shelter there.

Work got underway and within an hour costumers were allowed back in but my thoughts were still on what I would do if the threat was real and intense.

If it was a real and serious threat I would be:

calling all my loved ones and saying how I love them
calling all good friends and saying goodbye
forgiving those who have done me wrong
and eventually I really would make my way over to the liquor department

It may seem young and immature to go out drunk as a skunk but if that were an option I'm positive that I wouldn't want to leave this life scared, or worried but with a smile on my face and a drink in my hand.

If that were the case, I would at least like that consolation.

What would you be doing in my case?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wait, they don't love you like I love you

Wait! They don't love you like I love you..."
by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This song probably has nothing to do with maps or traveling in reality but it sure does make a good post title =)

Last week I took my lovely bike out (btw I named it Keiko for the Japanese flavor it has) to ride to a girl I just love that, now since I moved, happens to live just down the street from me. YES!

I decided to pop out the good old cell phone and chronicle just how much fun the bike ride would be

This is the view towards ASU from our apartments

Here I am riding down ASU's campus off of Apache after almost falling off of Keiko when crossing the crosswalk

This is where I get mad at myself for riding on the wrong side of the street where the bike lane ended with no sidewalk. I'm sweating buckets by now too...thank you Arizona!

These are the railroad tracks I have to cross because I was stupid and was on the wrong side. While crossing I heave my bike over it while practically running over the train tracks because in reality I really haven't seen enough videos of train accidents and fatalities

This is the requisite "I'm so happy I didn't fall on the tracks and get caught and impaled by an oncoming train" photo

p.s. there was absolutely no train in sight I just like to be a scared sissy poo

This is good old Mill Ave. Not the Mill. Ave with all the Blonde sorority girls getting trashed but the Mill. Ave just two streets South of that...the one with the Walgreens??

Finally with drenched clothes and 2 lbs lost of water weight I make it to my amazing gals house!

Here is a later bike ride with my lovely friend!... You recognize her right??

Miss Rasha of and that's what she said has made Tempe that much better for me! I love you girly and I can't wait until tomorrow when we do this all over again!

Have you taken any fun bike rides lately??