Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As some of you already know I am on my way to NYC at the end of this week.
If you don't know and would like to read a little more about it you can read about it here.

Anyways I'm leaving this Friday and have started a little blog to document my experiences as a delegate for the organization I'm going with as well as for student here at ASU. You can find it here.

I will also be posting some of the posts here while I'm away so that Ross can see it and you'll can read about it. I'll be posting about some highlights from the trip as well as some problems or interesting situations I've dealt with so far.

AS of right now I'm hoping I'm not getting sick and trying to comprehend how cold it's gonna be in NYC.

A question out there for anyone in NYC:
Anything you really loved and would advise someone to do?
And how easy is it for a newbie to navigate public transportation with luggage in tow?


Connie said...

I've been to new york city a few times but I never had to bring big bags anywhere. good luck! You obviously have to go up to the statue of liberty, for one.(:

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

have you not emailed me bc i angered you? don't you want my advice? maybe to meet up? do you have time?

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

PS - I will be warming up for us here thurs and friday but sat and sun will be chilly! gloves, scarfs, your fancy headgear and heavy coat!