Monday, January 25, 2010

"A long way to go before I sleep..."

I like how last post (which was like a week ago) was the start of what should have been a full week of posts but school got the better of me and life too and I just haven't had the time or real motivation to sit down and blog.

No worries I will blog what happened at camp, all the good stuff happening since, the woes of being in school and maybe, just maybe, I might post about all the real good juicy stuff going on that would get me in loads of trouble (and probably hordes of readers) if it did make it one here.

I've been super busy lately but have I been happy too..

2010?? I think I might be in love with you!
Too soon??
ok...I can wait until march, maybe april to make a real commitment...

I promise to come back and get on a blogging rocket and blog all the way to the moon but as for right now?? I have loads of required reading, stack os personal reading, crochet, crafts, friends, baking, and late Saturday Night outing to attend to before I can do that...

and number one on my list?? making it to my lovely bed before I pass out on the stairs! goodnight lovlies! I hope 2010 is treating you like the sweet little gems you are!


Lindsay said...

Hope you have an awesome week!!

bananas. said...

Eh so far 2010 has been good, nothing too exciting as its only been less than a month but awesome balls for you. All that happiness is infectious so keep on girlfriend!

Rasha said...

Love you...and I already know why you're so happy!! hee hee.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Welcome you back with open arms when you have the tizzime! (I'm lame and like the "izzz" thing)