Sunday, January 10, 2010

A little lapse

I got really busy there for a couple days and did not have any time to blog or comment or even get online!

Seriously I haven't opened up my lovely mac since Thursday!

But in the past couple days, after about a year and a half I'm finally starting to feel like me again

These past couple days I:

Had a photo-shoot with Rasha
Spent night playing life and munching down M&M's with Ashlee and Sara
Had a girls night with Liz and her two darling little girls
made like a cajillion cookies and had another lovely Saturday night <3

Hopefully Monday I come back rolling with new posts and tons of comments to make up for it- but wednesday morning I go up to Prescott to be a camp counselor so I may be spending that time figuring out a way to survive in a cabin that may or may not have heat when it hits 20 degrees at night...

will you still love me as a mari-sicle, because I just might come back frozen...

have a fantastic Sunday loves- I'm off to attempt to crochet mittens for Wednesday, fix my spring semester schedule and munch on cookies from last night =)


Lindsay said...

yay!! I am following you now, so glad you are participating in the card swap!!
P.S email me your address!!
LOVE your blog!!!

Rasha said...

Love you girlfriend!!

Jacque said...

Cute post! Cookies sound wonderful right now!!