Monday, January 17, 2011

Burrito Ross

I love Chiptole. Like love them so much I submitted one of those cheesy cup and bag stores (oh black beans I love you so much) just to see if they would pick me and send me some coupons or a free burrito or two. I love Chipotle that much. Yo being a vegetarian the rice-black beans-fajitas veggies-pico-corn-sour cream-cheese-guac combo is TO DIE FOR.

I also love Ross.

Me and Ross spend tons of time together, almost all of our time together, and I love it. Sometimes when we've stayed inside to long watching netflix and eating leftovers we do tend to get a little stir crazy and I tickle him or in this case combined my love for Ross and Chipotle into on to create Burrito Ross.

Want to make your own burrito someone?
All I did was make our bed and make sure everything was nice and neat got Ross to lay down and then rolled him up in the covers. Remember you're making a burrito so make sure to tuck and roll and you go.

I shoved a pillowcase on his feet that were hanging out so they wouldn't be cold but I was laughing so hard I had to take a picture.

I wrapped and tucked so well that Ross was basically stuck (and then I laughed harder and told him to get out of it while I watched).

When Ross finally gained control of his arms again he promptly tried to cover his handsome face. :(

I'm way to mean to Ross sometimes. I tickle him and poke him and sometimes wake him up if I'm bored and can't fall asleep. He is such a good sport and I'm so happy he let me roll him up in a blanket. That's love =)

Happy Monday

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Eva said...

haha, aww, i love making burritos out of people!