Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

In 2010 it was the best Christmas of my life: It was also the best New Years Eve too.

I had a midnight kiss to remember.
(I really wanted a 70's look for this picture because It reminds me of pictures of my parents from the 70's that we have in photo albums in storage. )

Met new friends for 2011. (and hello I want purple hair soooo bad!)

Found a gorilla at the party.

Found a friend too.

It was so cold in Arizona on NYE that we were inside a house yet everyone still had on their jackets. We left at around 1 and when we left there was frost and ice on everything. This is not typical behavior for AZ so all those folks out there saying "oh no ice!? WE GOT A BLIZZARD!" my thin blood isn't prepared to deal with it. I was freeeeezing.

NYE 2010

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