Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I turned 21 (part deux)

After the little party at my place we rode over to Mill Ave. and started the night at Z Tejas with some fantastic girls from work.

The had me drinking uh-mazing margaritas and infused Patron shots that later caught up to me. They brought a piece of cake for me and everyone sang happy birthday and i just felt so loved =)

Ross, Me, Laci

The most amazing girls to work with
Shannon, Laci, Me, Carissa (missing Cydney, Mindi, and Symon)

My old friend Sandra even made it too and it had been forever since I had seen her. Made my heart grow three sizes!

Next we went to an underground dueling piano bar where the alcohol really started to kick in. Someone ordered me a skrewdriver and an Adios Mother Fucker after three very strong Margaritas and a Patron Shot.

I've known Sara since Sophomore year of HS!

I kept on telling them to get a good picture of me and Ross because since my camera broke we have so few and I feel like I'm missing out on catching important moments.

At The Big Bang they called me up on stage twice where they had us celebrating birthdays dance and the second time I came up they had me and one other girl demonstrate how to use the shake weight. I thought I was gonna die because me and Ross keep having running jokes about the shake weight and I had it on some awesome-random-weird creation pedestal that I think I squealed when they brought them out. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of "Oh my God I get to hold one!" (also I just tried to spell squealed by writing "skwelled" instead thank you college education and spell check!)

We then bar hopped to a place called College Dropouts where things quickly went south. Ross said i had moments of lucidity where I was in and out and someone had the bright idea to order me their favorite shot-tabasco and tequila. Right after taking just a sip of that I quickly made it to the bathroom and spilled my guts. All I remember is that I held up my hair, cleaned my face, and that the floor was wet. blahhhhh

Everyone said that you have to get sick on your birthday and boy was I feeling it then and the next day. I did get some battle wounds in form of random huge bruises on my legs but I learned an ever more important lesson on alcohol tolerance and now I'm really excited to be able to go out and do adult things with my 1-2 beers or mixed drink/wine.

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Kara said...

Lol I love these posts! I, too, had my first legal drink at Four Peaks :) And welcome to Mill...pretty soon you'll realize where the best places are (Rula Bula) and where you never wanna go again (Cue Club) and which shots are totally inadvisable to drink, EVER (habanero shots, long islands from Cue).

Happy 21st!!