Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 Reasons: I love my sewing machine

Over the summer my mom did a super nice thing and bought a sewing machine. It was originally for both of us to use but I ended up using it much more so we put it in my room where it has it's very own table. I haven't had any classes and would love to take some soon but for now I'm just learning as I go! I have named her Betsy!

Reason #5
All the scrap fabric I have can them be made into a patchwork purse!

Reason #4
I made a nifty macbook cover so I wouldn't have to buy one and because I like things 'just so'

Reason #3
I made a fun comforter and set of pillow shams for my bed as well as a Hannah Montana quilt for my niece Savanna's 8th birthday and started a quilt top for my niece Anais' 2nd birthday

Reason #2
I really enjoy unique Halloween costumes (if i see one more 'sexy nurse' this year i'll scream!) and along with betsy and 30 yards of tulle I'll be making the most epic Halloween costume yet. EPIC

Reason #1
I have always thought these patchwork quilts were THE BOMB! So I'm going to set that as my long term goal to make one of these. What I think will make it stellar is if I use that little old ladies sitting in a church basement quilting in a circle pattern but have colors like hot pink or deep purple, teal, zebra print, damansk, skulls, and glitter to make it truly me. I just think that would be a hoot =)


and this is what she said... said...

Love it. I love mine too, although its back home, but I should get it again, even though I suck I really like to do it....

make me a laptop cover :) and cool puse!

and BTW: my picture were not working either, and it pissed me off.

So glad you're blogging again!

Mari said...

me too! bring over your sewing machine and we can start a sewing circle! if i figure out how to really sew i will make you a stellar purse/laptop cover!

and this is what she said... said...

Dude, that bag is cute.

Mari said...

thank you...i should give it a good wash and send it your way...i spent like .03794848 cents on it for the yarn...the rest was scrap fabric!