Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day Off


I have only one class on thursdays at ASU polytechnic campus, which is so much more closer to mi casa than ASU tempe campus- and I ended up taking the day off and staying home in my lovely bed.

Oh wait I was sick? yeah super sick with yucky stomach flu thing. I got to spend all night and day between the bathroom and my bed. lucky me.

while having a nice day to fully recuperate I have a growing to-do list:

1- start/finish Anais' birthday quilt by Saturday (she's going to be 2!)
2-Help Ana with birthday cupcakes
3- Start my halloween costume- it's gonna be epic =)
4- Oh yeah HW and classes... almost forgot about the mount everest looking pile sitting on my desk waiting for me to be able to digest food again.

UGH! here's to feeling better.

Note: that is not a picture of my bed (white sheets are just boring) and a big thank you to Muse for singing me to sleep in my sickened state.