Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Dinner

While Sundays are really a time where I should be preparing for the week to come (laundry, cleaning, homework, studying) it ends up being the day where I try to hold onto the weekend as much as possible. I ALWAYS make something delicious for dinner/dessert and work on projects I have going on instead of all the other stuff I should be doing.

this sunday I made Lemon Chicken, Rice Crispies (a request), and Chocolate Truffles!
had pictures of it all but yet again blogger is refusing to upload them =(

I went to Jo-Anns today and decided that i have to start one of those crazy patchwork quilts- so I will be doing my own soon! I need to figure out a pattern, colors, and how to actually make it but it's going to happen since I've been bit by the bug- got to get it down now!

BLOGGER!- if you are out there it is me, Marisela, and either you need to fix your photo upload thingy or you should magically bestow me with the intelligence to upload photos without errors on my own! Sincerely me, Marisela. =)


and this is what she said... said...

Yum! I love lemon chicken. Its like my favorite thing to eat. no even kidding... and rice crispys, hello, we can be best friends again...

I made chocolate- chocolate chip walnut cookies last night, and they were ok, but im pretty sure nothing will ever be as good as your cookies again, and im not sure if i should love or hate you for that :) haha.

<3 your bff whose craving some cookies.

Mari said...

haha Rasha...i kind of love you- it's that odd grandma quality i have that enables me to deliver mouth watering cookies to all...ever watch that episode of spongebob at his grandma's house? yeah that would be me and my grandma powers =)

and this is what she said... said...

haha. its hilarious. your old lady habits. i love them.