Friday, October 23, 2009

school is getting in the way of my hobbies

I really just want to fully learn who to embroider, do appliques and start my granny quilt. I want to buy sacks upon sacks of flour and bake cookies for the entire town of Queen Creek and all ASU students and bake cakes, and bread, tarts and make chocolate truffles too. I would like to tear out all the stuff in my room, bathroom, house and sew and remake it all until the house looks like the inside of a cupcake- it's so darn cute!

but no I have to write dumb coding sheets on uncertainty reduction theory that I put off for two weeks: while I write I will be dreaming of all fun things I would much rather be doing...

like finishing the quilt that was supposed to be done for my nieces birthday last week

Or really get my hand on an embroidery pattern and get going on some crazy design
anything really.

I also want to work with some simply soft yarn in silver and forest green I bought to make a slytherin scarf to go with my HP scarf. I feel a trend coming on and most likely by the end of the year I'll probably have scarves for all the houses! I should be taking orders.
any fellow Harry Potter geeks want in on the scarf fun???

FINE- I will finish my dumb homework.... and then be in crochet/ embroidery/ quilting/ baking heaven (like all my granny hobbies?? I sure do)

so what are you doing instead of work?

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and this is what she said... said...

I just took a nap, so I guess that is FUN :) other than that, I think I will *try* to put off homework and finish my moms sign i am making her... paint my jewelry holder, i just got done making. Umm idk, i have a lot to do.

Love the quilt looks ADORABLE! :)