Monday, November 2, 2009

Starbucks and Corn Maze shenanigans

So the Saturday before Halloween me and my good friend Sara and Camilla went out to a corn maze to get hopelessly lost like we do every year. After about an hour or two of running around and almost dying from holes in the ground and from laughing so hard we decided to warm up at Starbucks with some YUMMY hot chocolate =)

Here is Sara and her sweet boyfriend Chad lounging in Starbucks.

Camilla, Sara, and Me.

Now me and Sara have a long standing tradition of always picking funny names for our drinks (this hasn't really been done since our junior year in high school at the Jamba Juice at Power and Ray) but Sara had the brilliance of going before me and ordering as The Hulk so I had to do something equally if not more awesome.

Now I gave the barista the choice of Voldemort and He Who Must Not Be Named and just as any Harry Potter loving muggle should choose she choose...

Umm hello? Barista working at made. my. LIFE.
I was totally awesome hearing "He Who Must Not Be Named...your hot chocolate is readyyyy"

this is the point where you navigate from the page for my exceeding the preset geeky limits...

you stayed?
rad so after amazing hot chocolate we realized that my lovely friend Camilla is from El Salvador and has never tp-ed a house (*gasp* i KNOW!!!) so we quickly formulated a plan to recreate some good old fashioned high school style vandalism- and ended with a couple packages of plastic wrap and this:

we are soooo sorry if you recognize your truck...but we had to do it... for Camilla's sake =)


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Love the story about starbucks... too funny.

Ashlee Masarsky said...

Aw Mari. Bringing back memories of the LA trip when we went to Starbucks and gave them weird names to call out for us. And then when we TPed ALL those people that we knew all over Queen Creek and I was running around with panty liners sticking them on everything in sight. AND then when we cookied Javi's brand NEW car on the very same night. I miss you guys. :[