Friday, November 20, 2009

Favorite Friday

Another round of

Favorite Friday!

Favorite Song

Rehab by Amy Winehouse

I have been totally shower singing, car boppin, and hairbrush as mic jammin to this song alll week long. Yes Amy may be a bit crazy, but her hair rocks, her song is smooth, and she sure does have style. Plus I do a really killer rendition of rehab so I like to pretend I have a beehive and rock out.

Favorite Food

Hot Chocolate

I someday dream to live a place that has more than two season (arizona= hot and not hot). I dream of fall leaves and snowy winters but here I am in AZ chugging down hot cocoa to keep warm when it's like 65 outside. Sad? yes. Delicious? oh yeahh.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Conan O'Brien

Oh Conan, how I love you. I really do...

especially when you do your string dance. It's like I'm hypnotized...

You're pale white skin, bean pole stature, and gorgeous red bouffant make me go wild. Forget Rob Pattinson, I much rather have you =)

what have you been diggin this week??


brittany said...

i think my fave song changes like every week and right now i'm def on a glee glee mix is on repeat on this girls itunes. oh yeahhh. :)

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

HE is ugly, haha. Ill take Rob.. haha cute post mAri!! cant wait to see you.

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

he is HILARIOUS though.. Ill give you that

Mari said...


and Brittany...I am totally loving Glee... I need to go get the songs from like the past two episodes...and girl you need to listen to wicked!