Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I loooove to play dress up

*warning* this post contains tons of vanity filled self-portraits!
proceeded with caution

I've always been know to go through my mom's things and play dress-up.
Her shoes from the 70's, faux fur coats, and huge bobble jewelry were my favorites but nothing was ever off limits. Today was no different so when I saw these great curlers It felt like I was 5 again and decided to play dress up.

I absolutely love the way make-up was done in the 40's and 50's so bring on those ruby red lips!

One last quick hair check and my impromptu dress-up photo-shoot was on!

I finally bought a peacoat!

This one reminds me of those old detective movies =)

haha I either look like I'm from the 40's-50's or just realllly mexican...

I think I'll invent a time machine so I can dress like this everyday =)

Enough pictures of me!! Do any of you have some great time-defying pictures?


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Ooo I love them you look so pretty. you do have that look for red lips. We should play dress up this weekend, yes? ok thanks bye, see you there.

pee ess: you're gorgeous M.. seirously.

Mari said...

haha thank you RASHA!!!

and for realz...me+ you+ us bribing Nathaniel to hold the light= best dress up play date ever =)

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

bribing nathaniel to hold the light BAAHAHAHA!

brittany said...

definitely digging the makeup and that beautiful flower!!! :)

Laura said...

Do I ever! Here's some I took of my sisters in law and my mother in law: http://www.sugargrenadephotography.com/2009/08/roarin-twenties-stunners.html

bananas. said...

DAAAYYYYYYAAMN!!! you look saucy! love the red lips...that color always has a way of making women look firey hot!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awwww you look so classy, absolutely adorable. =)

Summer B. said...

You are a hottie!